City of Parkville, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 995 §1301, 5-19-1987; Ord. No. 1805 §360.010, 5-18-1999]
The use of City streets shall be limited to passenger vehicles only. All trucks, with the exception of emergency vehicles, and other exceptions as listed below, shall be prohibited from operating on City streets.
Other exceptions are:
When operating upon the following streets or roadways:
Crooked Road within the City limits of Parkville.
Designated truck route: East Street from First Street to McAfee Drive, McAfee Drive from East Street to Main Street, and Main Street from McAfee Drive to Mill Street.
Main Street from its intersection with East Street to Mill Street.
Bell Road from N.W. 63rd Street to Highway 45.
Any officially established detour in any case where such truck could lawfully be operated upon the street for which such detour is established.
Under the following conditions:
Trucks engaged in the repair or construction of a park, street, highway or park road, under the authority of the City Administrator or his designated representative, shall be allowed to enter upon any street or park road in the City.
Trucks used in providing services or in carrying goods, merchandise or other articles to or from any location abiding upon any such streets, or within any park shall be permitted to enter thereon at the nearest point to said location and provide services or make deliveries, but shall not proceed thereon further than the nearest point of exit.
Editor's Note — Ord. No. 1805 adopted May 18, 1999, repealed this Section and set out new provisions in Section 360.010 hereof. Former Section 360.020 derived from ord. no. 995 §1302, 5-19-1987.
[Ord. No. 995 §1303, 5-19-1987]
Whenever by reason of thawing or frost, or rain or due to new construction, the streets are in a soft condition, the Chief of Police may reduce the maximum allowable weight on such streets and roads, and shall post notice at convenient and public places along the road or roads. No person shall move or operate any vehicle weighing in excess of the limits prescribed upon streets so posted.
[Ord. No. 995 §1304, 5-19-1987]
The City Clerk shall keep and maintain accurate maps setting out streets which are limited to passenger vehicles usage. The maps shall be kept on file in the office of the City Clerk and shall be available to the public.
The Board of Alderman shall cause all streets limited to passenger vehicle usage to be clearly sign posted to give notice that this Chapter is in effect.
Any Police Officer of this City may arrest on sight or upon a warrant any person found violating any of the provisions of this Traffic Code or of Sections 304.170-304.340 of the RSMo. Police Officers of the City may stop any vehicle described herein traveling upon public roadways in this City for the purpose of determining whether or not such vehicle is loaded in excess of the provisions of this Chapter, and may require such truck to be removed to the nearest available public or private scale for the purpose of weighing such truck and load.
[Ord. No. 995 §1305, 5-19-1987; Ord. No. 2119 §2, 3-23-2004]
It shall be unlawful for the driver, owner or operator of any bus, truck, tractor, trailer, house-trailer, tractor-trailer, truck-trailer combination or mobile homes to park or cause to be parked in any street in a residential district, as defined in Section 300.010 of this Title, except that an operator may park said vehicle while actually or continuously engaged in loading or unloading; provided, however, that said vehicle may be parked in front of a place of business in such district during business hours of said business, but subject to all ordinances regulating parking at said location. A truck which weighs twelve thousand (12,000) pounds or less in aggregate will be permitted to operate and park in residential districts subject to other provisions of this Chapter.