City of Parkville, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Offenses Against Persons

Section 215.010 Assault.

Section 215.020 Peace Disturbance.

Section 215.025 Domestic Violence.

Section 215.030 Peeping Toms Prohibited.

Article II Offenses Against Property and Fraud

Section 215.040 Stealing.

Section 215.050 Lost Property.

Section 215.060 Receiving Stolen Property.

Section 215.070 Alteration or Removal of Item Numbers With Intent To Deprive Lawful Owner.

Section 215.080 Burglary.

Section 215.090 Possession of Burglar's Tools.

Section 215.100 Arson.

Section 215.110 Negligent Burning or Exploding.

Section 215.120 Tampering.

Section 215.130 Property Damage.

Section 215.140 Trespass.

Section 215.145 Fishing From Highway or Along Highway Right of Way Prohibited.

Section 215.146 Entering Riss Lake From Highway 45 Right of Way To Swim Prohibited.

Section 215.150 Unlawful Entry.

Section 215.160 Obtaining Property By Giving False Name.

Article III Offenses Against Morals

Section 215.170 Drinking in Public Place Without A Liquor Consumption Permit Issued By The City Clerk.

Section 215.175 Minors In Possession Of Intoxicating Liquor.

Section 215.180 Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia and Imitation Controlled Substances.

Section 215.190 Begging or Peddling.

Section 215.200 Endangering The Welfare of A Child.

Section 215.205 Tobacco, Alternative Nicotine And Vapor Products.

Section 215.210 Abuse of A Child.

Section 215.220 Prostitution.

Section 215.230 Prostitution Establishments Declared Public Nuisances.

Section 215.240 Indecent Exposure.

Section 215.250 Improper Behavior in Public.

Section 215.255 Urination or Defecation At Construction Sites.

Section 215.260 Harassment.

Article IV Offenses Against The Public Health and Safety

Section 215.270 Failure To Appear.

Section 215.280 Failure To Obey.

Section 215.290 Breaking Jail or Lawful Custody.

Section 215.300 False Information To Police Officer.

Section 215.310 False Reports.

Section 215.320 Resisting or Interfering With Arrest.

Section 215.330 Obstructing Justice.

Section 215.340 Tampering With A Witness — Tampering With A Victim.

Section 215.350 Interference With Legal Process.

Section 215.360 Refusing To Make An Employee Available For Service of Process.

Section 215.370 False Impersonation.

Section 215.380 Unlawful Assembly.

Section 215.390 Rioting.

Section 215.400 Compliance With Lawful Orders.

Section 215.410 Explosive or Other Lethal Devices.

Section 215.420 Fireworks.

Section 215.430 Stone Throwing.

Section 215.440 Blasting.

Section 215.450 Possession — Manufacture — Transport — Repair — Sale of Certain Weapons.

Section 215.460 Unlawful Use of Weapons.

Section 215.470 BB Guns.

Section 215.480 Polluting Streams.

Section 215.490 Maintaining A Nuisance.

Section 215.500 Burning Trash.

Section 215.510 Gas Meters.

Section 215.520 Abandoned Ice Boxes.

Section 215.530 Open Wells.

Section 215.540 Littering.

Section 215.550 Making False Affidavit.

Section 215.560 False Representation in Application To City.

Article V Punishment — Severability and Accessory

Section 215.570 Accessory.

Section 215.580 Attempt.

Section 215.590 Penalties For Violation.

Section 215.600 Parole or Probation — When Granted — Certificate — Conditions of Probation — Modification of Conditions.

Section 215.610 Gender.

Section 215.620 Each Day A Separate Offense.