City of Parkville, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 1893 §2, 8-1-2000]
Hunting of game animals and target shooting are permitted within the City limits of Parkville under the following conditions:
Hunter must comply with all laws of the State of Missouri and the rules of the Missouri Department of Conservation.
Hunting and target shooting may be done only on property of ten (10) acres or more which the hunter owns, or on property of ten (10) acres or more which is used with the written permission of the owner, said permission to be dated and specify periods of use by date. The written permission must be in the hunter's possession and be produced upon request of any authorized law enforcement official.
No person shall discharge a weapon of any kind:
Within one hundred fifty (150) yards of any dwelling (whether occupied or unoccupied, except a dwelling owned by the owner of the property upon which the weapon is discharged), public building, school building, church or place where domestic animals are kept.
From, along, or across any street, sidewalk, road, vehicle, highway, boat, river, reservoir or lake.
Within or into any park, playground or recreational area.
In the direction of any person, vehicle, dwelling, house, church, school, public thoroughfare, playground, recreational area, bridge, railroad tracks or building.
In a manner to injure, wound or damage another person or another person's real or personal property.
From or onto the premises of any platted subdivision containing lots of one (1) acre or less.
[Ord. No. 1893 §2, 8-1-2000]
Anyone violating any of the provisions of this Chapter shall upon conviction be subject to penalties not exceeding a fine of five hundred dollars ($500.00) and costs, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding ninety (90) days, or both such fine and imprisonment. Each day of violation shall constitute a separate offense.
[Ord. No. 2148, 9-14-2004]
Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 212.010, Subsections (2) and (3), the Board of Aldermen of the City of Parkville may, when it is deemed necessary, authorize managed deer hunts. Such hunts shall be conducted under the following conditions:
All hunts shall be specifically authorized by the Missouri Department of Conservation and hunters shall follow all State Wildlife Regulations and Rules established by the MDC and the rules established from year to year by the Chief of the Parkville Police Department, said rules to be incorporated herein by reference and on file in the City offices.
The Board of Aldermen shall by resolution specifically authorize each managed hunt, setting forth dates and area(s) where the hunt is to be conducted. If the hunt is to be conducted on private property, the owner of that property shall make a written request to the Board of Aldermen specifying dates and times requested and area(s) of the hunt and shall comply with the rules as adopted under Subsection (1) above.
The Board of Aldermen shall post notice of the dates and areas of each hunt at least a week prior to the hunt; such notice shall be maintained through the final day of the hunt. Notice shall be made on Channel 2, in written form in the lobby of City Hall and at the area(s) of the hunt through posting of signs at the entrance to the area and upon the boundaries to said permitted areas. The private entity shall also give notice of the hunt through Channel 2 and by notices posted on its property, specifically at the area(s) of the hunt.
Legal methods to harvest deer include only longbows and compound bows. Crossbows are prohibited.
[Ord. No. 2397 §§1 — 3, 2-19-2008]
Definitions. The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this Section, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this Section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
A ruminant animal having deciduous antlers, usually in the male only.
The intentional act of furnishing or otherwise making available food or other substance which is likely to be consumed by deer.
Food or other substances consumed by deer, produced by or existing in nature, not artificial.
Prohibition of Feeding. No owner or occupier of land within the City of Parkville, Missouri, shall intentionally feed, cause to be fed or provide or make available food or other substances for the consumption by deer within the City, either on private property or on public property.
This Section shall not apply to any item that can be used as food if its source in nature is native to the subject premises on which the food is available. For example, by way of illustration only, this Section shall not apply to apples or acorns generated from an apple tree or oak/acorn tree located upon the subject premises or carrots and corn grown in a garden located upon the subject premises.
A property of ten (10) acres or more shall be exempt from this Section and shall follow the current applicable rules of the Missouri Conservation Department pertaining to the feeding and baiting of deer.