Township of Lakewood, NJ
Ocean County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[1971 Code § BH3-1.2]
The code established and adopted by this chapter is described and commonly known as the Public Health Nuisance Code of New Jersey (1953).
[1971 Code § BH3-1.1]
To regulate certain conditions or acts as nuisances and to prohibit certain noises or sounds, require proper heating of apartments, prohibit the lease or rental of certain buildings, prohibit certain actions in or upon public buildings, conveyances or sidewalks, authorize the inspection of premises by an enforcing official, provide for the removal or abatement of certain nuisances and the recovery of expenses incurred by the Board of Health in removing or abating such nuisances. Penalties for violations of this section are hereby established pursuant to Chapter 188, Laws of 1950 and any follow-up statutes or regulations. A copy of the code is annexed hereto and made a part thereof.
[1971 Code § BH3-1.3]
Three copies of the Public Health Nuisance Code of New Jersey (1953) have been placed on file in the office of the Secretary of the Board of Health and the office of the Township Clerk and will remain on file in such offices for the use and examination of the public.
[1971 Code § BH3-1.4]
Enforcing officials shall mean and include regular and special police officers of the police department of the Township of Lakewood, the plumbing inspector of the Township, the health officer, the sanitarian or any other official authorized by the Board of Health to enforce this code and chapter.
[1971 Code § BH3-2]
It shall be unlawful to keep inoperable or unlicensed motor vehicles, or automobile parts, outside of an enclosed building. Such storage constitutes a menace to health and safety of the surrounding neighborhood; creates an attractive nuisance to children and creates a place for rodents and insects to cause deterioration of neighborhoods.
This provision shall not apply to motor vehicles being repaired at a duly licensed business establishment.
Editor's Note: See also the Revised General Ordinances Section 3-9, Abandoned Motor Vehicles.
The following process shall be used for the abatement of nuisances:
Except as provided in Chapter BH1, whenever a determination is made that a nuisance exists, notice in writing shall be provided to the owner thereof to remove or abate the same within such time as shall be specified therein but not less than five days from the date of service thereof. A duplicate of the notice shall be left with one or more of the tenants or occupants of the premises.
For out-of-state owners or if the owner cannot be notified within a reasonable period of time, such notice shall be left at that place or premises with the tenant or occupant thereof, or posted on the premises and such action shall be considered proper notification to the owner, tenant or occupant thereof.
Whenever a nuisance is found on any public property or on any highway or any other public premises or place, notice in writing shall be given to the person in charge thereof to remove or abate the same within such time as shall be specified therein. If such person fails to comply with such notice within the time specified, the Board of Health may remove or abate such nuisance in the same manner as a like condition existing on a private premises or place.
If the owner, tenant or occupant, upon being notified as provided by this chapter, shall not comply with such notice within the time specified therein and fails to remove or abate such nuisance, the Board of Health shall proceed to abate the nuisance or may cause it to be removed or abated in a summary manner by such means as the Board shall deem proper.
The Board of Health may institute an action at law to recover costs incurred by it in the removal or abatement of any nuisance from any person who shall have caused or allowed such nuisance to exist, or from any owner, tenant, or occupant of premises, who, after notice and notification as herein provided shall fail to remove or abate the nuisance within the time specified in the notice.