Township of Lakewood, NJ
Ocean County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[1971 Code § BH20-1]
Shall mean and include every person, agent, servant or employee, engaged in the business of selling food described herein at retail for human consumption, either on or off the premises where sold.
Shall mean packaged prior to and on the premises where the contents are sold or are offered for sale at retail; but it shall not include packaged meat or poultry that is cut to order for a particular retail customer.
[1971 Code § BH20-2]
No food dealer in the Township shall sell or offer for sale, at retail, any sealed, prepackaged, unprocessed or untreated fresh or frozen cut meat, fowl, or fish unless the package is colorless and transparent on all sides, exclusive of labeling which shall not exceed five square inches of one side of the package, or in which fresh or frozen cut meat, fowl or fish is layered or shingled, making the entire contents of the package not wholly visible; except that the bottom of such package may contain or consist of a grid of opaque supporting or absorbent material, provided that the openings in such grid permit at least 70% of the bottom of the contents of such package to be visible. This section shall not apply to meat commonly designated or known as chopped meat, ground meat, or cold cuts.
[1971 Code § BH20-3]
No food dealer shall sell, or offer for sale at retail any package in which meat, fowl or fish is layered or shingled, thereby obscuring part of its contents, except where the package is colorless and transparent on all sides so that at least 50% of the entire contents of the package shall be visible.
The package material shall not be so layered, overlapped or sealed so as to obliterate the clarity of the transparency of such package.
[1971 Code § BH20-4]
The package of fresh or frozen cut meat, fowl, or fish shall be stamped, or shall have printed prominently on the face of the label, the date when the package should be removed from sale by removal from the shelf or display case.
[1971 Code § BH20-5]
The provisions of this chapter shall be enforced by the Department of Inspections. However, any officer or person may sign a complaint or be a complaining witness on a summons or order to show cause regarding any alleged violation thereof.