Township of Lakewood, NJ
Ocean County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Mobile food units shall comply with the following specifications.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.1]
A potable water supply tank, minimum capacity of 30 gallons heated electrically or otherwise, and tilted toward a capped drain cock, shall be provided. The water inlet pipe shall be of removable flexible copper or other tubing approved by the Township Board of Health, with nozzle for hose connection capped when not being used. A hose for connection to potable water supply shall be provided and shall be equipped with an approved vacuum breaker and check valve.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.2]
The following sinks shall be provided:
A seamless three compartment sink, supplied with running hot and cold water, which shall have a swivel faucet. It shall be large enough to accommodate the largest piece of equipment to be cleaned therein.
A hand-wash sink, seamless, with running hot and cold water, soap and single service individual towels or mechanical hand dryer.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.3]
A suitable waste tank with an adequate method of gauging the contents and having a capacity at least equal to the capacity of the water supply tank, shall be provided and shall be tilted toward a drain cock. It shall be emptied and flushed into a sanitary sewer or septic system as often as necessary in a sanitary manner in order to maintain sanitary conditions.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.4]
A mechanical refrigerated box that shall maintain a temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit or below and equipped with indicating thermometer shall be provided for various ingredients carried, with metal racks or platforms provided to store ingredients.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.5]
Floors shall be of metal or similar approved material and properly sloped to provide proper drainage. Junctures of floor, wall and adjoining fixtures shall be watertight and covered.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.6]
A refuse container with cover must be available for deposit of papers and other solid wastes by customers and operators and must be so constructed and designed and placed so that it can be readily used, cleaned and kept clean and located where it will not create a nuisance.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.7]
Mobile units operating after dark shall be well lighted with at least 30 foot-candles of light intensity on all working surfaces.
[1971 Codes § BH18-1.8]
Notice shall be posted in the service area of the mobile unit with instructions as to proper handling of food materials and containers, proper cleansing of equipment, utensils and appurtenances and proper waste disposal.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.9]
Persons handling food shall be clothed in clean, washable uniforms.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.10]
Serving windows shall be glassed or screened and shall be kept closed at all times except when being used to serve customers.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.11]
A hose and hose connection equipped with a vacuum breaker shall be provided for supplying water to the mobile unit as well as a method of handling the hose for draining to prevent contamination.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.12]
Suitable covered storage facilities or containers shall be provided for all refuse and waste which must be removed daily.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.13]
Every mobile unit shall be constructed of such acceptable material as to enable it to be readily cleaned and equipment shall be installed in such a manner that the unit can be kept clean and food will not become contaminated. The unit or equipment shall be provided with a tight fitting cover where required.
[1971 Code § BH8-1.14]
The water supply shall be adequate, of a safe sanitary quality and derived from an approved source. Cold water and hot water (of a temperature not less than 140 degrees Fahrenheit under pressure) shall be provided in all processing and washing areas.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.15]
All residues shall be removed from equipment after use each day and product contact surfaces shall be sanitized just prior to use each day. Interior surfaces contacted by foods shall be completely disassembled daily for cleaning; however, installations and methods used for cleaning equipment without disassembling same, may be utilized by approval of the Township Board of Health.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.16]
After cleaning and sanitizing, all product contact surfaces of equipment and all utensils shall be so stored and handled as to be protected from contamination.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.17]
The requirements of subsections BH18-1.1, BH18-1.3, BH18-1.5, BH18-1.11 and BH18-1.14 may be waived in whole or part by the Board of Health in such instances where mobile units operating in the Township have a fixed base within the Township from which they operate and from which the food is prepared for distribution. The mobile unit operating from the fixed base must meet all requirements of local, county and state sanitary regulations other than those of this section that may be modified upon application to the Board of Health for good cause shown.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.18]
The fixed base or home base of the facility shall be separate and apart from normal household facilities if it is permitted that the home base be in a residence.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.19]
Mobile units permitted under this home base provision shall be of such size as not to allow room for the installation of the items required in subsections BH18-1.1, BH18-1.3, BH18-1.5, BH18-1.11 and BH18-1.14 or shall distribute such food products that the provisions of these subsections would be inapplicable due to the nature of the food product distributed.
[1971 Code § BH18-1.20]
Prior to the operation of the mobile unit, the operator shall apply to the Board of Health in order to obtain a special permit to operate under the provisions of this section and in order to submit to an inspection of the home base facilities. The inspection may be made prior to the issuance of the permit and at any time after the permit is issued while the permit is in effect.
[1971 Code § BH18-2; New]
Any person, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction thereof, be liable to the penalty stated in Chapter BH1, Section BH1-2.