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City of Lancaster, PA
Lancaster County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Lancaster as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Adopted 10-14-1997 by Ord. No. 19-1997]
Pursuant to Section 1014.1 (53 P.S. § 36014.1) of the Third Class City Code, the codification of a complete body of legislation for the City of Lancaster, County of Lancaster, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as revised, codified and consolidated into titles, chapters and sections by General Code Publishers Corp., and consisting of Chapters 1 through 300, together with an Appendix, are hereby approved, adopted, ordained and enacted as a single ordinance of the City of Lancaster, which shall be known and is hereby designated as the "Code of the City of Lancaster," hereinafter referred to as the "Code."
The provisions of this Code, insofar as they are substantively the same as those of ordinances in force immediately prior to the enactment of this ordinance, are intended as a continuation of such ordinances and not as new enactments, and the effectiveness of such provisions shall date from the date of adoption of the prior ordinance. All such provisions are hereby continued in full force and effect and are hereby reaffirmed as to their adoption by the City Council of the City of Lancaster, and it is the intention of said City Council that each such provision contained within the Code is hereby reenacted and reaffirmed as it appears in said Code. Only such provisions of former ordinances as are omitted from this Code shall be deemed repealed or abrogated by the provisions of § 1-3 below, and only new or changed provisions, as described in § 1-6 below, shall be deemed to be enacted from the effective date of this Code, as provided in § 1-15 below.
All ordinances or parts of ordinances of a general and permanent nature adopted by the City of Lancaster and in force on the date of the adoption of this Code and not contained in the Code are hereby repealed as of the effective date given in § 1-15 below, including the prior Code of the City of Lancaster, adopted as complete to August 12, 1974, and as amended to March 27, 1995, except as hereinafter provided.
The adoption of this Code and the repeal of ordinances provided for in § 1-3 of this ordinance shall not affect the following ordinances, rights and obligations, which are hereby expressly saved from repeal; provided, however, that the repeal of ordinances pursuant to § 1-3 or the saving from repeal of ordinances pursuant to this section shall not be construed so as to revive any ordinance previously repealed, superseded or no longer of any effect:
Any ordinance adopted subsequent to 4-8-1997.
Any right or liability established, accrued or incurred under any legislative provision of the city prior to the effective date of this ordinance or any action or proceeding brought for the enforcement of such right or liability or any cause of action acquired or existing.
Any offense or act committed or done before the effective date of this ordinance in violation of any legislative provision of the city or any penalty, punishment or forfeiture which may result therefrom.
Any prosecution, indictment, action, suit or other proceeding pending or any judgment rendered prior to the effective date of this ordinance, brought pursuant to any legislative provision of the city.
Any franchise, license, right, easement or privilege heretofore granted or conferred by the city or any lawful contract, obligation or agreement.
Any ordinance appropriating money or transferring funds, promising or guaranteeing the payment of money or authorizing the issuance and delivery of any bond of the city or other instruments or evidence of the city's indebtedness.
Any ordinance adopting an annual budget or establishing an annual tax rate.
Any ordinance providing for the levy, imposition or collection of special taxes, assessments or charges.
Any ordinance authorizing the purchase, sale, lease or transfer of property or acquiring property by acceptance of deed, condemnation or exercise of eminent domain.
Any ordinance annexing land to the city.
Any ordinance providing for or requiring the construction or reconstruction or opening of sidewalks, curbs and gutters.
Any ordinance or part of an ordinance providing for laying out, opening, altering, widening, relocating, straightening, establishing grade, changing name, improvement, acceptance or vacation of any right-of-way, easement, street, road, highway, sidewalk, park or other public place or property or designating various streets as public highways.
Any ordinance establishing water, sewer or other special purpose districts and designating the boundaries thereof; providing for a system of sewers or water supply lines; or providing for the construction, extension, dedication, acceptance or abandonment of any part of a system of sewers or water supply lines.
Any ordinance providing for the making of public improvements.
Any ordinance providing for the salaries and compensation of officers and employees of the city or setting the bond of any officer or employee.
Any ordinance concerning changes and amendments to the Zoning Map.
Any ordinance relating to or establishing a pension plan or pension fund for municipal employees.
All ordinances of a general and permanent nature adopted subsequent to the date given in § 1-4A and/or prior to the date of adoption of this ordinance are hereby deemed to be a part of the Code and shall, upon being printed, be included therein. Attested copies of all such ordinances shall be temporarily placed in the Code until printed supplements are included.
In compiling and preparing the ordinances of the city for adoption and revision as part of the Code, certain nonsubstantive grammatical and style changes were made in one or more of said ordinances. It is the intention of the City Council that all such changes be adopted as part of the Code as if the ordinances and so changed had been previously formally amended to read as such.
Nomenclature changes. The following changes have been made throughout the Code:
"Justice of the Peace" and "District Magistrate" are hereby amended to read "District Justice."
"Department of Environmental Resources (DER)" is hereby amended to read "Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)."
Adoption of renumbering. The following table sets forth the distribution of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Lancaster, as originally published in 1959 and updated through March 27, 1995, to the Code of 1997, indicating the present appropriate chapter number (and article number, if applicable) of the provisions from the prior compilation:
Prior Codified Ordinances
1997 Code
TITLE ONE - General Provisions
Art. 101. Codified Ordinances.
New legislation pending; see Ch. 1, Art. I
Art. 108. Annexations.
Ch. 9
Art. 109. Performance and Compliance Bonds.
Ch. 26
TITLE THREE - Legislative
Art. 111. Council.
Ch. 55, Art. IV
Art. 113. Ordinances and Resolutions.
Ch. 59
TITLE FIVE - Administrative Offices
Art. 121. Administrative Organization.
Ch. 5, Art. I
Art. 123. Mayor.
Ch. 55, Art. V
Art. 125. City Solicitor.
Ch. 55, Art. I
Art. 129. City Treasurer.
Ch. 55, Art. III
Art. 131. City Controller.
Ch. 55, Art. II
Art. 133. Department of Economic Development.
Ch. 5, Art. II
Art. 135. Department of Finance.
Ch. 5, Art. III
Art. 137. Department of Administrative Services.
Ch. 5, Art. IV
Art. 139. Bureau of Purchasing.
Ch. 5, Art. V
Art. 141. Civil Service.
Ch. 34
Art. 143. Board of Trusts and Charities.
Ch. 22, Art. II
Art. 145. Department of Public Safety.
Ch. 5, Art. VI
Art. 147. Police Bureau.
Ch. 67, Art. I
Art. 149. Fire Bureau.
Ch. 42
Art. 150. Planning Commission.
Ch. 22, Art. VI
Art. 151. Planning, Zoning and Development.
Ch. 22, Arts. IV and V
Art. 152. Department of Housing and Community Development.
Ch. 5, Art. VII
Art. 153. Department of Public Works.
Ch. 5, Art. VIII
Art. 155. Recreation Commission.
Ch. 22, Art. IX
Art. 156. Lancaster Park Commission.
Ch. 22, Art. VIII
Art. 157. Shade Tree Commission.
Ch. 22, Art. III
Art. 161. Emergency Management Services.
Ch. 136
TITLE SEVEN - Employment Provisions; Pensions and Benefits
Art. 165. Policemen's Relief.
Ch. 64, Art. I
Art. 166. Benefits for Police Officers.
Ch. 64, Art. V
Art. 167. Police Compulsory Retirement.
Ch. 64, Art. II
Art. 168. Benefits for Firefighters.
Ch. 64, Art. IV
Art. 169. Firemen's Relief.
Ch. 64, Art. III
Art. 173. Deductions for Social Security.
Ch. 71
TITLE NINE - Authorities and Citizen Committees, Boards and Commissions
Art. 181. Authorities.
Ch. 17
Art. 185. Human Relations Commission and Discrimination.
Ch. 125
TITLE ELEVEN - Budget and Control
Art. 201. Request for Appropriation.
Ch. 30
Art. 203. Form of Budget Ordinance.
Ch. 30
Art. 205. Public Hearings on Budget and Adoption of Annual Budget.
Ch. 30
Art. 207. Monthly Budget Reports and Quarterly Budget and Performance Review.
Ch. 30
Art. 209. Certain Transfers Prohibited; Revenue and Expenditure Adjustments.
Ch. 30
TITLE THREE - Licensing Provisions
Art. 311. Amusement Places.
Ch. 92, Art. I
Art. 317. Motor Buses and Passenger Vehicles for Hire.
Ch. 287, Art. I
Art. 318. Charter or Tour Buses.
Ch. 287, Art. II
Art. 319. Business Licensing.
Ch. 186
Art. 321. Telephone Companies.
Ch. 271
Art. 329. Home Improvement Contractors.
Ch. 117
Art. 331. Cart Vending.
Ch. 291, Art. I
TITLE FIVE - Taxation
Art. 371. Juke Boxes and Mechanical Amusement Devices.
Ch. 92, Art. II
Art. 373. Resident Earned Income Tax.
Ch. 270, Art. I
Art. 375. Occupational Privilege Tax.
Ch. 270, Art. II
Art. 376. Occupation and Per Capita Tax.
Ch. 270, Art. III
Art. 377. Property and Residence Tax.
Ch. 270, Art. IV
Art. 379. County Assessment Law.
Ch. 13
Art. 381. Income Exemptions.
Ch. 270, Art. V
Art. 383. Deteriorated Property Exemptions.
Ch. 270, Art. VI
Art. 385. Realty Transfer Tax.
Ch. 270, Art. VII
TITLE ONE - Administration
Art. 501. Definitions.
Art. 503. Traffic Commission.
Ch. 22, Art. VII
Art. 505. Traffic Control Maps and File.
Ch. 285, Art. I
Art. 507. Enforcement and Penalty.
Ch. 285, Art. II
Art. 511. Parking Restrictions Generally.
Ch. 285, Art. III
Art. 513. Parking Meters.
Ch. 285, Art. IV
Art. 514. Residential Parking Permits.
Ch. 285, Art. V
Art. 515. Impounding of Vehicles.
Ch. 285, Art. VI
Art. 516. City Owned Parking Lots.
Ch. 285, Art. VII
Art. 517. Street Sweeping Maps.
Ch. 285, Art. VIII
Art. 518. Immobilization of Vehicles.
Ch. 285, Art. IX
Art. 519. Keys in Unattended Vehicles.
Ch. 285, Art. X
Art. 521. Parking Rates.
Ch. 285, Art. XI
Art. 522. Repair of Motor Vehicles on Public Streets and Sidewalks.
Ch. 285, Art. XII
TITLE FIVE - Miscellaneous Traffic Regulations
Art. 523. Private Driveways.
Ch. 285, Art. XIII
Art. 525. Pedestrians.
Ch. 285, Art. XIV
Art. 527. Accident Reports.
Ch. 67, Art. II
Art. 529. Bicycle Licensing and Operation.
Ch. 100
Art. 531. Snow Emergencies.
Ch. 262, Art. I
Art. 532. Cruising.
Ch. 285, Art. XV
Art. 703. Advertising and Billposting.
Ch. 80.
Art. 705. Alcoholic Beverages.
Ch. 88, Art. I
Art. 707. Automobile Graveyards.
Ch. 177
Art. 711. Destruction of Property.
Ch. 219
Art. 715. Dogs and Other Animals.
Ch. 96, Art. I
Art. 717. Disorderly Conduct.
Ch. 129, Art. I
Art. 719. Disturbances of the Peace.
Ch. 129, Art. II
Art. 721. Dumping; Incinerators.
Ch. 258, Art. I
Art. 727. Anti-Litter.
Ch. 258, Art. II
Art. 729. Anti-Graffiti.
Ch. 146
Art. 731. Minor's Curfew.
Ch. 121
Art. 733. Motion Picture Attendance.
Ch. 76, Art. I
Art. 734. Noise Control.
Ch. 198
Art. 735. Safety.
Ch. 236
Art. 736. Alarms.
Ch. 84
Art. 739. Streets and Sidewalks.
Ch. 262, Art. II
Art. 743. Drug Related Loitering.
Ch. 190, Art. I
TITLE ONE - Streets and Sidewalks
Art. 901. Opening or Widening Streets.
Ch. 262, Art. III
Art. 903. Grading, Paving and Curbing Streets.
Ch. 262, Art. IV
Art. 904. Curb and Sidewalk Regulations.
Ch. 262, Art. V
Art. 911. Street Names and House Numbers.
Ch. 113
Art. 913. Street Excavations.
Ch. 262, Art. VI
TITLE THREE - Sewers and Sewage
Art. 921. Sewer System Regulations.
Ch. 249, Art. I
Art. 923. Sewer Tapping; Plumbing Inspection.
Ch. 249, Art. II
Art. 925. Sewer Rentals and Charges.
Ch. 249, Art. III
Art. 927. Sewer Rentals and Regulations Outside City.
Ch. 249, Art. IV
Art. 929. Payment for Sewer Construction or Repairs.
Ch. 249, Art. V
Art. 931. Extension of Sewer Mains.
Ch. 249, Art. VI
TITLE FIVE - Water Supply and Service
Art. 935. Definitions.
Ch. 295
Art. 937. Water Service.
Ch. 295
Art. 939. Service Connections.
Ch. 295
Art. 941. Service Applications and Special Contracts.
Ch. 295
Art. 943. Meters.
Ch. 295
Art. 945. Billing and Administration.
Ch. 295
Art. 947. Water Rates.
Ch. 295
Art. 949. Service Discontinuance and Restoration.
Ch. 295
Art. 951. General Water Regulations.
Ch. 295
Art. 955. Assessment for Water Mains.
Ch. 295
Art. 957. Extension of Water Mains.
Ch. 295
TITLE SEVEN - Private Utilities
Art. 959. Utility Poles and Wires.
Ch. 279
Art. 969. Community Television System.
Ch. A305
TITLE NINE - Solid Waste
Art. 971. Solid Waste Management.
Ch. 258, Art. IV
Art. 975. Solid and Municipal Waste.
Ch. 258, Art. V
Art. 977. Solid Waste and Recyclables Management.
Ch. 258, Art. VI
TITLE ELEVEN - Public Markets
Art. 981. Administration and Regulations.
Ch. 228
TITLE THIRTEEN - Other Public Services and Properties
Art. 993. Parks and Playgrounds.
Ch. 210
Art. 995. Shade Trees.
Ch. 273
TITLE ONE - Administration
Art. 1101. Board of Health.
Ch. 22, Art. I
Art. 1111. Definitions.
Ch. 194
Art. 1113. Licensing.
Ch. 194
Art. 1115. Frozen Milk Products.
Ch. 194
Art. 1117. Labeling.
Ch. 194
Art. 1119. Sales.
Ch. 194
Art. 1121. Enforcement and Penalty.
Ch. 194
TITLE FIVE - Meat Code
Art. 1131. Licensing.
Ch. 192
Art. 1133. Inspections.
Ch. 192
Art. 1135. Sanitary Conditions.
Ch. 192
Art. 1137. Stamping.
Ch. 192
Art. 1139. Labeling and Selling.
Ch. 192
Art. 1141. Enforcement and Penalty.
Ch. 192
TITLE SEVEN - Food Establishments
Art. 1161. Restaurants.
Ch. 240, Art. I
Art. 1162. Sidewalk Cafes.
Ch. 240, Art. II
TITLE NINE - Environmental Sanitation
Art. 1165. Privy Wells and Cesspools.
Ch. 249, Art. VII
Art. 1167. Unsanitary Premises.
Ch. 150, Art. I
Art. 1168. Grass and Weeds.
Ch. 105
Art. 1169. Scavengers.
Ch. 258, Art. III
Art. 1173. Burying Carcasses.
Ch. 96, Art. II
Art. 1175. Spitting.
Ch. 129, Art. III
Art. 1177. Hazardous Vehicles.
Ch. 288
TITLE ELEVEN - Sickness or Disease
Art. 1181. Contagious or Infectious Diseases.
Ch. 150, Art. II
Art. 1183. Lead Poison Control Ordinance.
Ch. 182
TITLE THREE - Subdivisions and Land Development
Art. 1311. Application and Compliance.
Ch. 265
Art. 1313. Definitions.
Ch. 265
Art. 1315. Plan Procedures and Requirements.
Ch. 265
Art. 1317. Preliminary Plan.
Ch. 265
Art. 1319. Final Plan.
Ch. 265
Art. 1321. Design Standards.
Ch. 265
Art. 1323. Improvement and Construction Requirements.
Ch. 265
Art. 1325. Administration, Fees and Penalty.
Ch. 265
Appendix A. Required Certificates and Acknowledgments.
Ch. 265
Appendix B. On-Lot Sewage Disposal System Requirements.
Ch. 265
Ch. 300
Art. 1501. Standard Adopted.
Ch. 142
Art. 1511. Fire Insurance Escrow Act.
Ch. 173, Art. I
TITLE ONE - Standards Adopted
Art. 1701. BOCA National Building Code.
Ch. 109, Art. I
Art. 1703. Plumbing Code.
Ch. 215, Art. I
Art. 1704. Licensing Plumbers.
Ch. 215, Art. II
Art. 1705. Electrical Code.
Ch. 134
TITLE THREE - Housing Code
Art. 1731. Definitions.
Ch. 169, Art. I
Art. 1733. Administration; Inspection, Penalties.
Ch. 169, Art. I
Art. 1735. Administrative Board of Housing Violation Review.
Ch. 169, Art. I
Art. 1737. Board of Housing Appeals and Revisions.
Ch. 169, Art. I
Art. 1739. Notices and Appeals.
Ch. 169, Art. I
Art. 1741. Dwellings Unfit for Habitation; Abatement of Violations.
Ch. 169, Art. I
Art. 1743. Minimum Standards.
Ch. 169, Art. I
Art. 1744. Minimum Standards for Unoccupied Dwellings.
Ch. 169, Art. I
Art. 1745. Responsibilities of Owners and Occupants.
Ch. 223
Art. 1747. Licensing.
Ch. 243, Art. I
Art. 1748. Registration of One-Family Dwellings and Two-Family Dwellings.
Ch. 232
Art. 1749. Responsible Agent.
Ch. 243, Art. II
Art. 1750. Graffiti.
Ch. 169, Art. I
TITLE FIVE - Other Regulations
Art. 1751. Signs.
Ch. 255
Art. 1761. Parking Lot Construction and Drainage.
Ch. 202
Art. 1763. Historic Lancaster.
Ch. 155
Art. 1765. Private Swimming Pools.
Ch. 267
Art. 1767. Lancaster Property Reinvestment Board.
Ch. 22, Art. X
TITLE SEVEN - Commercial Structure Code
Art. 1772. Definitions.
Ch. 169, Art. II
Art. 1773. Application, Enforcement and Penalty.
Ch. 169, Art. II
Art. 1774. Duties and Responsibilities.
Ch. 169, Art. II
In interpreting and applying the provisions of the Code, they shall be held to be the minimum requirements for the promotion of the public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare. Where the provisions of the Code impose greater restrictions or requirements than those of any statute, other ordinance or regulation, the provisions of the Code shall control. Where the provisions of any statute, other ordinance or regulation impose greater restrictions or requirements, the provisions of such statute, other ordinance or regulation shall control.
Chapter and article titles, headings and titles of sections and other divisions in the Code or in supplements made to the Code are inserted in the Code and may be inserted in supplements to the Code for the convenience of persons using the Code and are not part of the legislation.
Editor's notes indicating sources of sections, giving other information or referring to the statutes or to other parts of the Code are inserted in the Code and may be inserted in supplements to the Code for the convenience of persons using the Code and are not part of the legislation.
Three copies of the Code in a post-bound volume shall be filed with the Ordinance Book in the office of the City Clerk and shall remain there for use and examination by the public. Upon adoption, such copies shall be certified to by the City Clerk, as provided by law, and such certified copies shall remain on file in the office of the City Clerk, available to persons desiring to examine the same during all times while said Code is in effect.
Any and all additions, deletions, amendments or supplements to the Code, when passed and adopted in such form as to indicate the intention of the City Council to be a part thereof, shall be deemed to be incorporated into such Code so that reference to the Code shall be understood and intended to include such changes. Whenever such additions, deletions, amendments or supplements to the Code shall be adopted, they shall thereafter be printed and, as provided hereunder, inserted in the post-bound book containing said Code as amendments and supplements thereto.
It shall be the duty of the City Clerk or someone authorized and directed by him or her to keep up-to-date the certified copies of the book containing the Code required to be filed in the office of the City Clerk for the use of the public. All changes in said Code and all legislation adopted by the City Council subsequent to the effective date of this codification which the City Council shall adopt specifically as part of the Code shall, when finally adopted, be included therein by reference until such changes or new legislation are printed as supplements to said Code books, at which time such supplements shall be inserted therein.
The City Clerk, pursuant to law, shall cause to be published in the manner required a notice of the introduction and of the adoption of the Code in a newspaper of general circulation in the city. The enactment and application of this ordinance, coupled with the publication of the notices of introduction and adoption, as required by law, and the availability of copies of the Code for inspection by the public, shall be deemed, held and considered to be due and legal publication of all provisions of the Code for all purposes.
It shall be unlawful for anyone to improperly change or amend, by additions or deletions, or to alter or tamper with the Code or any part or portion thereof, in any manner whatsoever, which will cause the law of the city to be misrepresented thereby. Anyone violating this section of this ordinance shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine not exceeding $600, plus costs of prosecution, and, in default of payment thereof, by imprisonment for a term not exceeding 90 days.
The provisions of this ordinance and of the Code adopted hereby are severable, and if any clause, sentence, subsection, section, article, chapter or part thereof shall be adjudged by any court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, invalid or unconstitutional, such judgment or decision shall not affect, impair or invalidate the remainder thereof but shall be confined in its operation and application to the clause, sentence, subsection, section, article, chapter or part thereof rendered. It is hereby declared to be the intent of the City Council that this ordinance and the Code would have been adopted if such illegal, invalid or unconstitutional clause, sentence, subsection, section, article, chapter or part thereof had not been included therein.
All provisions of this ordinance and of the Code shall be in force and effect on and after October 14, 1997.
[Adopted 6-23-2009 by Ord. No. 10-2009]
City Council of the City of Lancaster be and hereby is authorized to modify any and all fees heretofore or hereafter established by ordinance and, whether codified in the Code of the City of Lancaster or not, by resolution.
City Council of the City of Lancaster may, by resolution, from time to time authorize, establish and implement fees for the administration of City services.