Borough of Edgewater, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where chapters and articles of the 1975 Code have been included in the 2010 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Not Code material (legislation is not general or permanent in nature).
Repealed effective with adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, Art. I.
Not included in Code but saved from repeal.
New legislation is pending.
Chapter/Title From 1975 Code
Location in 2010 Code
Incorporation Proceedings
Ch. A550, Art. I
Change of Name of Borough
Ch. A550, Art. II
Part I, Administrative Legislation
Ch. 1, General Provisions
Art. I, Adoption of Code by Mayor and Council
NLP; see Ch. 1, Art. I
Art. II, Ordinances Adopted During Codification
Ch. 4, Clerk/Typist
Ch. 71, Art. XII
Ch. 5, Clerk-Stenographer
Ch. 6, Administrative Assistant
Ch. 7, Administrator, Borough
Ch. 71, Art. XIV
Ch. 9, Attorney, Borough
Ch. 71, Art. II
Ch. 11, Baby-Keep-Well Station
Ch. 134
Ch. 12, Borough Code Enforcement Officer and Trainee
Ch. 71, Art. X
Ch. 14, Building Inspector
Ch. 71, Art. I
Ch. 15, Building Maintenance Worker
Ch. 71, Art. XVII
Ch. 16, Building Maintenance Worker, Senior
Ch. 18, Building Service Worker
Ch. 20, Charitable Donation Bins
Ch. 161
Ch. 21, Civil Defense and Disaster Control
Ch. 23, Civil Service
Ch. 10
Ch. 25, Claims Approval
Ch. 14
Ch. 27, Clerk, Borough
Ch. 71, Art. III
Ch. 28, Clerk, Deputy Borough
Ch. 71, Art. VIII
Ch. 29, Construction Codes, Uniform
Ch. 166
Ch. 30, Court, Municipal
Ch. 20
Ch. 31, Defense and Indemnification of Officers and Employees
Ch. 37, Art. III
Ch. 32, Dispatchers
Ch. 71, Art. IX
Ch. 33, Elevator Inspector
Ch. 33A, Eminent Domain
Ch. 31
Ch. 33B, Emergency Medical Technician
Ch. 71, Art. XXII
Ch. 34, Engineer, Borough
Ch. 71, Art. VII
Ch. 35, Environmental Commission
Ch. 37, Ethics, Code of
Ch. 41
Ch. 39, Fees for Public Records
Ch. 318
Ch. 41, Fire Department
Art. I, Organization of Department
Art. II, Department Regulations
Art. III, Salaries
Art. IV, Hours of Employment
Art. V, Volunteer Fire Department
Ch. 45, Art. I
Art. VA, Reimbursement Program for Volunteer Fire Department and Volunteer First-Aid Squad
Ch. 45, Art. II
Art. VI, Junior Fire fighters Auxiliary
Ch. 45, Art. III
Art. VII, Participation in East Bergen Mutual Aid System
Ch. 45, Art. IV
Art. VIII, Credit for Health Benefits
Ch. 45, Art. V
Art. IX, Length of Service Awards Program for Volunteer Fire fighter and First Aid Squad Members
Ch. 45, Art. VI
Ch. 43, First-Aid Certification Requirements for Employees
Ch. 37, Art. II
Ch. 44, First-Aid Squad
Ch. 49
Ch. 45, Health, Board of
Ch. 6, Art. I
Ch. 48, Housing Authority
Ch. 55
Ch. 50, Interlocal Agreements
Ch. 51, Land Use Administrator
Ch. 71, Art. XV
Ch. 52, Library, Free Public
Ch. 244
Ch. 53, Licenses and Permits
Art. I, Payment of Taxes and Assessments
Ch. 157, Art. II
Ch. 54, Local Assistance Board
Ch. 6, Art. II
Ch. 56, Mayor and Council
Ch. 65
Ch. 57, Municipal Housing Liaison
Ch. 71, Art. XXIII
Ch. 59, Ordinance Review Commission
Ch. 61, Personnel Policies and Procedures
Art. I, Personnel Manual
Ch. 77, Art. I
Art. II, Adoption Procedures for Personnel Practices
Ch. 77, Art. II
Ch. 62, Physician, Borough
Ch. 66, Police Department
Art. I, Organization of Department
Ch. 81, Art. I
Art. II, Department Regulations
Ch. 81, Art. II
Art. III, Salaries
Ch. 81, Art. III
Art. IV, Hours of Employment
Ch. 81, Art. IV
Art. V, Special Law Enforcement Officers
Ch. 81, Art. V
Art. VI, Police Guard
Ch. 81, Art. VI
Art. VII, Administrative Clerk
Ch. 81, Art. VII
Ch. 67, Privacy Officer
Ch. 71, Art. XXI
Ch. 68, Public Safety Coordinator
Ch. 71, Art. XIII
Ch. 70, Public Works, Department of
Ch. 87
Ch. 72, Purchasing Agent
Art. I, Purchasing Agent, Assistant Purchasing Agent and Purchasing Assistant
Ch. 71, Art. XX
Ch. 74, Recreation Advisory Council
Ch. 6, Art. IV
Ch. 75, Recreation Department
Art. I, Establishment; Employees
Ch. 92
Art. II, Superintendent of Recreation
Ch. 76, Recreation Secretary
Ch. 76A, Recycling Coordinator, Assistant Municipal
Ch. 71, Art. XIX
Ch. 77, Residency Requirements for Employees
Ch. 37, Art. I
Ch. 79, Retirement
Art. I, Eligibility for Defined Contribution Retirement Program
Ch. 77, Art. III
Ch. 81, Salaries and Compensation
Ch. 96
Ch. 82, School Crossing Guard, Adult
Ch. 71, Art. XVI
Ch. 83, Sewage Disposal Department
Ch. 89, Shade Tree Board
Ch. 6, Art. III
Ch. 93, Tax Assessor
Ch. 71, Art. IV
Ch. 94, Tax Clerk/ Payroll Clerk
Ch. 71, Art. XVIII
Ch. 95, Tax Collector
Ch. 71, Art. V
Ch. 96, Tax Collector, Deputy
Ch. 71, Art. XI
Ch. 97, Tax Searcher
Ch. 71, Art. VI
Part II, General Legislation
Ch. 108, Advertising Matter
Ch. 305
Ch. 110, Alarm Devices
Ch. 117
Ch. 112, Alcoholic Beverages
Art. I, Business Regulations
Ch. 121, Art. I
Art. II, Consumption Regulations
Ch. 121, Art. II
Art. III, Minors
Ch. 121, Art. III
Ch. 114, Amusement Devices
Ch. 125
Ch. 116, Animals
Art. I, Disposal of Pet Waste
Ch. 129, Art. II
Art. II, Feeding of Wildlife
Ch. 129, Art. III
Ch. 119, Blasting
Ch. 122, Bottles and Other Containers
Ch. 125, Building and Development Permits
Art. I, Condominiums and Cooperatives
Ch. 157, Art. I
Ch. 127, Buildings, Dangerous
Ch. 147
Ch. 134, Certificates of Continuing Occupancy
Ch. 157, Art. III
Ch. 135, Certificates of Necessity
Ch. 157, Art. IV
Ch. 138, Curfew
Ch. 139, Demolition
Ch. 179
Ch. 140, Dogs
Ch. 129, Art. I
Ch. 143, Refrigerators, Storage of
Ch. 145, Electrical Standards
Ch. 147, Exhibitions, Indecent
Ch. 107, Art. I
Ch. 149, Fire Detection Systems
Ch. 149A, Fire Insurance Proceeds
Ch. 196
Ch. 150, Fire Lanes
Ch. 200
Ch. 152, Fire Prevention
Art. I, Adoption of Standards
Art. II, Enforcement of Uniform Fire Safety Act
Ch. 204, Art. II
Art. III, Truss-Type Construction
Ch. 204, Art. I
Ch. 153, Flood Damage Prevention
Ch. 210
Ch. 154, Fuel Oil: Emergency Delivery of
Ch. 335, Art. I
Ch. 156, Games of Chance
Ch. 158, Garbage, Rubbish and Refuse
Art. I, Garbage Receptacles
Ch. 368, Art. I
Art. II, Construction Debris
Ch. 368, Art. II
Art. III, Bulk Items
Art. IV, Separation for Recycling
Ch. 159, Graffiti
Ch. 221
Ch. 160, Hazardous Materials
Art. I, Reimbursement for Expendable Items
Ch. 226
Ch. 162, Hotels and Multiple Dwellings
Art. I, Standards; Administration; Prohibited Acts
Ch. 335, Art. III
Art. II, Illegal Apartment Units
Ch. 335, Art. IV
Ch. 165, Landfill or Surcharge Operations
Ch. 235
Ch. 167, Licensing
Art. I, Contractors
Ch. 167A, Littering
Ch. 248
Ch. 168, Loitering
Ch. 170, Massage Parlors
Ch. 172, Minibikes and Go-Carts
Ch. 264
Ch. 176, Noise
Ch. 271
Ch. 179, Numbering of Buildings
Ch. 151
Ch. 182, Obscenity and Pornography
Art. I, Obscene Films
Ch. 183, Oil- and Gas-Burning Equipment
Ch. 185, Parking During Emergencies
Ch. 287, Art. II
Ch. 186, Parental Responsibility
Ch. 186A, Parking Lots
Art. I, Certain Properties of Blocks 53 and 54
Ch. 282, Art. I
Art. II, Certain Properties of Blocks 85.01 and 91
Ch. 282, Art. II
Art. III, Municipal Meter Parking Area
Ch. 282, Art. III
Art. IV, Municipal Parking Permits
Ch. 287, Art. V
Ch. 186B, Parking on Public Property
Ch. 287, Art. I
Ch. 186C, Parking for Handicapped
Ch. 287, Art. III
Ch. 187, Parks and Recreation Areas
Art. I, Municipal Recreation Area
§§ 187-1 through 187-25
Ch. 293, Art. I
§§ 187-25.1 through 187-25.3
Ch. 293, Art. IV
§ 187-25.4
Ch. 293, Art. V
Art. II, Borough Hall Playground Area
Ch. 293, Art. II
Art. III, Park of the Palisades
Ch. 293, Art. III
Ch. 189, Peace and Good Order
Art. I, Disorderly Conduct
§ 189-1, Use of certain weapons prohibited
Ch. 192
§ 189-2, Discharge of guns without permit
Ch. 192
§ 189-3, Vandalism prohibited
Art. II, Bathing in Hudson River
Art. III, Smoking on Waterfront
Ch. 191, Peddling and Soliciting
Ch. 305
Ch. 193, Penalties
Ch. 1, Art. II
Ch. 194, Permits
Art. I, Permit Required for Certain Uses
Ch. 157, Art. V
Ch. 195, Portable Cooking Units
Ch. 310
Ch. 197, Posted Lands, Parking on
Ch. 198, Public Safety Radio Amplification
Ch. 322
Ch. 199, Property Maintenance
Ch. 314
Ch. 200, Public Utilities
Art. I, Placement of Fixtures Below Ground
Ch. 326
Ch. 201, Recycling
Art. I, Composting of Leaves
Art. II, Used Oil
Ch. 368, Art. III
Art. III, Recyclable Materials
Ch. 368, Art. IV
Ch. 203, Rent Control
Art. I, Regulations for Substandard Dwellings
Ch. 339, Art. I
Art. I, Rent Control Board and Stabilization of Rents
Ch. 339, Art. II
Ch. 207, Residential Parking Permits
Ch. 287, Art. IV
Ch. 210, Secondhand Jewelry and Precious Metals
Ch. 344
Ch. 212, Sewers
Art. I, Construction of Sewers and Drains
Ch. 347, Art. I
Art. II, Use of Public and Private Sewers and Drains
Ch. 347, Art. II
Art. III, Charge for New Connections
Ch. 347, Art. III
Art. IV, Sump Pumps, Storm Drains, Etc.
Art. V, Spilling, Dumping or Disposal of Materials
Art. VI, Illicit Connections
Ch. 214, Shopping Carts
Ch. 353
Ch. 218, Soil Removal
Ch. 362
Ch. 220, Stormwater Management
Ch. 374
Ch. 221, Streets and Sidewalks
Art. I, Street Regulations
Ch. 380, Art. I
Art. II, Ice and Snow Removal
Ch. 380, Art. II
Art. III, Street Openings and Excavations
Ch. 380, Art. III
Art. IV, Curbs and Sidewalks
Ch. 380, Art. IV
Ch. 224A, Swimming Pools
Ch. 386
Ch. 225, Tattooing
Ch. 226, Taxation
Art. I, Exemption for Improvements to Existing Dwelling
Ch. 397, Art. I
Art. II, Hotel and Motel Occupancy Tax
Ch. 397, Art. II
Ch. 227, Taxicabs and Liveries
Ch. 402
Ch. 228, Towers and Wreckers
Ch. 410
Ch. 229, Trailers
Art. I, Parking Prohibitions
Ch. 416, Art. I
Art. II, House, Business and Commercial Trailers
Ch. 416, Art. II
Ch. 231, Trees
Ch. 421
Ch. 233, Utility Bills: Payment by Borough
Ch. 335, Art. II
Ch. 234, Vehicles, Abandoned
Ch. 427
Ch. 236, Vehicles and Traffic
Art. I, General Provisions
Ch. 432, Art. I
Art. II, Manual on Uniform Control Devices
Ch. 432, Art. II
Art. III, Use of Mobile Telephone While Operating Motor Vehicle
Art. IV, Valet Parking
Ch. 432, Art. III
Art. V, Developer Agreements
Ch. 432, Art. IV
Art. VI, Speed Limits
Ch. 432, Art. V
Ch. 240, Vending Machines
Art. I, Newspaper and Magazine
Ch. 438, Art. I
Ch. 244, Vessels, Nautical
Ch. 444, Art. I
Ch. 246, Waterfront Drift and Debris, Control of
Ch. 444, Art. II
Ch. 249, Land Use and Development
Ch. 240
Ch. 250, Land Use and Development (continued)
Ch. 240
Part III, Board of Health Legislation
Ch. 251, General Provisions, Board of Health
Art. I, Adoption of Code by Board of Health
NLP; see Ch. 450, Art. I
Ch. 253, Barbershops, Beauty Parlors, Tanning Salons and Nail Salons
Ch. 460
Ch. 255, Buildings, Heating of
Art. I, Residential Buildings
Ch. 466, Art. I
Art. II, Nonresidential Buildings
Ch. 466, Art. II
Ch. 259, Drug Paraphernalia
Ch. 261, Fees
Ch. 479
Ch. 263, Food and Beverage Vending Machines
Ch. 483, Art. II
Ch. 265, Food Handling Establishments
Ch. 483, Art. I
Ch. 267, Animals
Ch. 454, Art. I
Ch. 268, Cat Licensing
Ch. 454, Art. II
Ch. 271, Health Officer
Ch. 507, Art. I
Ch. 274, Laundries, Laundromats, Launderettes, Laundromats and Dry Cleaners
Ch. 490
Ch. 275, Massage Operators
Ch. 494
Ch. 276, Milk and Milk Products
Ch. 279, Nuisances
Ch. 503
Ch. 280, Nurse
Ch. 507, Art. III
Ch. 282, Penalties, Board of Health
Ch. 450, Art. II
Ch. 283, Pet Shops, Kennels, Shelters and Pounds
Ch. 512
Ch. 284, Plumbing
Ch. 285, Plumbing Inspector
Ch. 287, Portable or Chemical Toilets
Ch. 290, Secretary, Board of Health
Ch. 507, Art. II
Ch. 294, Solid Waste Disposal
§§ 294-1 to 294-3
Ch. 529, Art. I
§ 294-3
Ch. 529, Art. II
Ch. 298, Swimming Pools
Ch. 535
Ch. 302, Vehicles, Used to Handle Foods
Ch. 483, Art. III
Ch. 306, Water
Ch. 523, Art. I
Ch. A311, Bylaws of Mayor and Council
Ch. A551
Ch. A312, Fees for Licenses and Permits
Ch. A313, Cable Television Franchise
Ch. A552
Ch. A314, Open Video Service Franchise
Ch. A553