City of Grain Valley, MO
Jackson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Section 350.010 Standing or Parking Close to Curb.

[Code 1985, §76.476; CC 1990 §14-336]
Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, every vehicle stopped or parked upon a roadway where there are adjacent curbs shall be so stopped or parked with the right-hand wheels of such vehicle parallel to and within eighteen (18) inches of the right-hand curb.

Section 350.020 Permits for Loading or Unloading at an Angle to the Curb. [1]

[Code 1985 §76.480; CC 1990 §14-337]
The City Traffic Engineer is authorized to issue special permits to permit the backing of a vehicle to the curb for the purpose of loading or unloading merchandise or materials subject to the terms and conditions of such permit. Such permits may be issued either to the owner or lessee of real property or to the owner of the vehicle and shall grant to such person the privilege as therein stated and authorized herein.
It shall be unlawful for any permittee or other person to violate any of the special terms or conditions of any such permit.
Cross Reference — Licenses, permits and miscellaneous business regulations, ch. 605.

Section 350.030 Parking in Space Reserved for Physically Disabled.

[Code 1985, §§76.575, 76.580; CC 1990 §14-356; Ord. No. 617 §1, 8-22-1988]
It shall be unlawful for any person to park or to cause his/her vehicle or any vehicle under his/her control to be parked in any space reserved for the physically disabled when such vehicle does not display the distinguishing license plates or State issued placard authorized by Sections 301.071 or 301.142, RSMo., providing such spaces are properly marked as set forth herein.
Parking spaces shall be indicated by blue paint on the curb or edge of the paved portion of the street adjacent to the space. In addition to blue paint, the space shall be indicated by a sign upon which shall be inscribed the international symbol of accessibility and the words "Handicapped Parking" in white on a blue background.

Section 350.040 Off-Street Parking for Physically Disabled.

[Code 1985, §76.585; CC 1990 §14-357]
Any person or corporation in lawful possession of a public off-street parking facility may designate reserved parking spaces for the exclusive use of vehicles which display a distinguishing license plate or State issued placard issued pursuant to State law as close as possible to the nearest accessible entrance. Such designation shall be made by posting immediately adjacent to, and visible from, each space, a sign upon which is inscribed the international symbol of accessibility and the words "Handicapped Parking" in white on a blue background.
The owner or person in lawful possession of a public off-street parking facility may after notifying the Police Department, cause the removal of any vehicle not displaying a distinguishing placard or license plate as set forth herein from a space designated for physically disabled persons if there is posted on, in or immediately adjacent to, and readily visible from, such space, a sign not less than seventeen (17) by twenty-two (22) inches in size with lettering not less than one (1) inch in height, which clearly and conspicuously states the following "Unauthorized vehicles parked in spaces reserved for physically disabled persons and not displaying distinguishing placards or license plates issued for physically disabled persons will be towed away at owner's expense. Towed vehicles may be reclaimed at the Police Department, 111 West Front Street or by telephoning (816)229-8001."