Township of Bridgewater, NJ
Somerset County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
No person shall conduct, maintain or operate a public eating establishment in the Township of Bridgewater who does not possess a license from the Board of Health, provided that no license shall be required for any public eating establishment operated by or in conjunction with any public school, church or incorporated charitable institution. Such license shall not be transferable and shall continue in force and effect until the first day of June next ensuing the date of granting thereof unless sooner revoked or suspended.
The enforcement officer or other authorized representative of the Board shall from time to time make inspections of food establishments in the Township to determine compliance with the sanitation regulations hereinafter set forth and shall report thereon. A copy of such inspection report shall be posted upon the inside wall of each food establishment by the enforcement officer or other representative of the Board of Health at the time of each inspection of said establishment. Said inspection report shall not be defaced or removed except by the enforcement officer or other representative of the Board.
No person shall manufacture, store, sell or offer for sale or delivery on or from any premises in the Township of Bridgewater any meat, vegetables, food or drink for human use or consumption either on or off the premises, which is or has been exposed to any injurious contamination or any contagious, infectious, venereal or communicable disease or which is unfit, unwholesome, impure, decayed, diseased, mislabeled or adulterated or which contains any drug, chemical, preservative, coloring matter or any substance of any kind or character except as now or hereafter permitted by the laws of the State of New Jersey.
No person shall own, maintain, operate or permit to be maintained or operated, on or in any premises controlled or leased by him in the Township, any factory, warehouse, store, market, restaurant, hotel, saloon, club, tearoom, lunch counter, ice cream parlor or soda fountain or equipment where food or drink is manufactured, prepared, stored, handled, sold, served or offered for sale or delivery either on or off said premises, unless said premises are properly lighted, ventilated, screened, drained and at all times kept in a clean and sanitary condition.
All such establishments described in § 170-19 shall be equipped with adequate washing and toilet facilities, including soap and towels, in locations convenient to workmen, employees and patrons, which facilities shall at all times be kept in a clean and wholesome condition. All toilets shall be separated from any room or store where food or drink is prepared or served.
All dishes, cups, drinking glasses, cooking, eating and drinking utensils of every character used in any hotel, restaurant, tearoom, lunch counter, club, saloon, ice cream parlor, store or soda fountain in the Township shall, immediately after being used by any person or persons, be thoroughly cleaned by washing same in a strong solution of washing soda or soap in hot water and thoroughly rinsed in clean hot water, by sterilization or by some other equally effective method which has been approved by this Board or the State Board of Health. Paper cups, dishes or other single service containers, straws and wooden or paper spoons shall be used only once and then be destroyed. All such articles shall at all times be so kept and maintained to prevent contamination by dust, dirt, flies, bugs or other contaminating influences.
Every employer, manager or superintendent of any public eating establishment or store in the Township shall immediately suspend from active duty any person or persons handling, selling, serving or delivering food or drink for human consumption not in sealed containers, when such person is found to be physically unfit or afflicted with any contagious, infectious, venereal or communicable disease in any infectious state, and any person so found shall immediately cease such handling of food or drink until his or her recovery shall be certified by a physician.
Any person handling, selling, serving or delivering food or drink for human consumption, not in sealed containers, in any public eating establishment or store in the Township, shall keep himself or herself clean and his or her clothing neat and clean while working therein and shall, whenever required in writing by this Board, submit himself or herself to any tests and examinations by a physician or laboratory designated by this Board that this Board shall or may deem proper. The results of all tests and examinations by any physician or laboratory shall immediately be filed with the Secretary of this Board.
No person shall sell or transport for sale any food, except raw fruits and raw vegetables, in any vehicle or device unless the same shall be wrapped, packaged or covered in such manner as to adequately protect the contents from dust, dirt and all foreign or injurious contamination. All vehicles used in the transport, sale or delivery of food shall be kept in a sanitary condition at all times.
No impure ice or ice cut from a polluted pond, lake or stream and no ice manufactured from impure water shall be used or sold in the Township.