Town of Guilford, CT
New Haven County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Approved by the Town of Guilford by referendum 11-6-2001, to be effective 12-6-2001. (This Charter supersedes the prior Charter, approved at referendum 11-12-1993.) Amendments noted where applicable.][1]
In the spirit of the Covenant of 1639, in which the founders of Guilford joined themselves into one community and pledged their individual abilities to the service of their common needs, this charter establishes a town government that enables each generation's needs to be identified and met. Among the needs requiring commitment are:
Preservation and protection of our forests, farms and waters.
Orderly growth to benefit the town economically while maintaining its traditional character.
The health, safety and security of the townspeople.
The education of the children of the town.
This charter strives to ensure that these needs are met with fiscal responsibility and the informed participation of its citizenry.
CHAPTER 1 Incorporation and General Powers

1-1 Incorporation

1-2 Rights, Obligations and Actions Continued

1-3 Powers of Town

1-4 Effect of Charter

CHAPTER 2 Elections and Elective Offices

2-1 Town Elections

2-2 Voting Districts

2-3 Eligibility

2-4 Minority Representation

2-5 Vacancies in Elective Offices

2-6 Terms of Elected Offices

2-7 Non-Restrictive Voting

CHAPTER 3 Board of Selectmen

3-1 Composition; Other Office-Holding

3-2 First Selectman

3-3 Board of Selectmen, General Powers and Procedures

3-4 Powers and Duties of Selectmen

3-5 Clerk of the Board of Selectmen

CHAPTER 4 Appointive Boards, Commissions and Committees

4-1 Board of Selectmen Appointments

4-2 Terms

4-3 Minority Representation

4-4 General Powers and Procedures; Compensation

4-5 Planning and Zoning Commission

4-6 Zoning Board of Appeals

4-7 Board of Police Commissioners

4-8 Board of Fire Commissioners

4-9 Board of Ethics

4-10 Parks and Recreation Commission

4-11 Public Works Commission

4-12 Other Appointive Boards; Committees

4-13 Removal For Cause

CHAPTER 5 Administrative Offices, Agencies and Employees

5-1 Public Works Department

5-2 Police Department

5-3 Fire Department

5-4 Other Agencies

5-5 Town Counsel

5-6 Assessor, Tax Collector, Town Clerk, Fiscal Officer

5-7 Health Director

5-8 Other officers

5-9 Employees

CHAPTER 6 Finance and Taxation

6-1 Board of Finance

6-2 Annual Audit

6-3 Treasurer and Fiscal Officer (Finance Director)

6-4 Preparation of the Annual Budget

6-5 Laying of Taxes

6-6 Special Appropriations and Transfer of Appropriations

6-7 Expenditures and Accounting

CHAPTER 7 Town Meeting

7-1 The Town Meeting

7-2 Organization and Procedure

7-3 Annual Budget

7-4 Special Appropriations and Transfers

7-5 Bonds and Notes

7-6 Action on Ordinances

7-7 Sale or Purchase of Real Estate

7-8 Eminent Domain

CHAPTER 8 Miscellaneous

8-1 Effective Date

8-2 Oaths of Office

8-3 Amendment

8-4 Saving Clause

CHAPTER 9 Charter Amendment Transition

9-1 Transition