Town of Raymond, NH
Rockingham County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Raymond 9-10-2001. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Advertising materials — See Ch. 98.
Zoning — See Ch. 197.
The purpose of this chapter is to require Board of Selectmen approval for all signs located within the Town's right-of-way and/or on Town-owned property and to establish standards for the location of all approved or exempt signs.
The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all advertising devices and signs located in the Town's road rights-of-way and on property owned by the Town or any of its subdivisions.
With respect to advertising devices and/or signs located in Town rights-of-way and/or property, no device or sign may be erected that is inconsistent with this chapter.
All signs to be located on Town property or within Town rights-of-way shall be permitted by the Board of Selectmen or its designee only. The only exception to this will be those signs identified as being exempt under this chapter. All persons, firms or agencies wishing to locate such signage must fill out the proper application and either receive approval or denial by the Board of Selectmen.
Those signs approved by the Board of Selectmen shall meet the following conditions:
No sign may be permitted which has not been approved by the Board of Selectmen or exempted under this chapter.
No lighting may be permitted to be used in any way connected with any sign.
No sign may be permitted which is obsolete, not clear and in good repair or that is not securely affixed to a substantial structure.
Advertising devices shall not be erected or maintained in such a manner as to obscure or otherwise physically interfere with an official traffic sign, signal or device or to obstruct or physically interfere with the driver's view of approaching, merging, or intersecting traffic as determined by the Public Works Director.
It shall be unlawful to affix, attach or display any advertisement upon any object of nature, utility pole, telephone booth, or highway sign directly in such a manner that the object is utilized as an integral part of the sign's support as distinguished from being only incidentally a support to the sign, such as the earth or ground upon which a sign is affixed.
Signs meeting the following definitions shall be exempt from Board of Selectmen approval but shall require erection in accordance with § 271A-5 of this chapter.
Yard sale signs. All signs advertising yard sales which have been approved by the Town shall be exempt from Board of Selectmen approval.
Campaign signs. All signs advertising a person's candidacy for a political government office shall be exempt from Board of Selectmen approval.
Charitable organizations and benefits. All signs advertising charitable nonprofit organizations or events sponsored by same shall be exempt from Board of Selectmen approval.
Government signs. Signs erected by a government body or required to be erected by a government body.
The following signs are prohibited:
Motion picture and video mechanisms in conjunction with any outdoor advertising or any advertising statuary used in such a manner as to permit or allow the images to be visible on or from any public street or sidewalk.
Signs which produce noise or sounds capable of being heard even though the sounds produced are not understandable sounds.
Signs which emit visible smoke, vapor, particles or odor.
Signs or other advertising materials as regulated by this chapter that are erected at the intersection of any street or in any street right-of-way in such a manner as to obstruct free and clear vision or at any location where, by reason of position, shape, or color, they may interfere with, obstruct the view of, or be confused with any authorized traffic sign, signal, or device or which make use of the word "stop," "look," "drive-in," "danger," or any other word, phrase, symbol, or character in such a manner as to interfere with, mislead, or confuse vehicular traffic.
Signs with any lighting or control mechanisms which cause radio or television or other communication interruption or interference.
Flags, banners, streamers, balloons, pennants, twirling, A-type, sandwich-type, sidewalk or curb signs, blank copy signs and unanchored signs.
Signs with visible moving, revolving, or rotating parts or visible mechanical movement of any description or other apparent visible movement achieved by any means. This prohibition shall not be construed to prohibit electronic message center signs.
Outdoor advertising of any kind or character where any live animal or human being is used as part of the advertising and is visible from any public street or public place. This shall not be construed to include religious displays.
Any sign which exhibits thereon any obscene material.
Any snipe sign.
Any signs attached to trees, utility poles, trailers, and any other unapproved supporting structure.
Portable signs, except where approved.
Flashing signs and beacons, except for highway or other warning lights operated or required by a government agency. Also prohibited are signs with chasing borders and twinkling lamps visible from public or private rights-of-way. This shall not be construed to prohibit time and temperature signs or electronic message center signs.
Signs placed upon benches, bus shelters or waste receptacles.
Signs that are in violation of the building code or electrical code adopted by the Town.
Every approved sign shall be plainly marked with the name of the person erecting and the corresponding approval number. The absence of the approval number shall be prima facie evidence that the sign or advertising device is being operated in violation of this chapter.
Signs determined to be in violation of this chapter shall be removed by the Public Works Department at the direction of the Town Manager. Signs so removed shall be deposited in the Town transfer facility's general debris dumpster. However, if the approximate reasonable value of the sign or other structure is greater than $300 and the sign bears the name of the owner, the sign owner shall be notified and the sign shall be removed and stored. Any sign or advertising device that remains unclaimed for 30 days after the owner notification shall become the property of the Town and may be disposed of in any manner deemed appropriate by the Board of Selectmen.
The sign owner may appeal the action of the Public Works Department by delivering a written request for an administrative hearing to the Board of Selectmen.
The intent of this chapter is to regulate the posting of all signs or advertising devices located in the Town's rights-of-way or on Town-owned property by the Board of Selectmen.