City of Erie, PA
Erie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Vacancy — See 3rd Class Charter Law § 406(a) (53 P.S. § 41406(a)).
Legislative power — See 3rd Class Charter Law § 407 et seq. (53 P.S. § 41407 et seq.)
Rules of Council — See ADM. Art. 112.
Contracts; minimum wage rates, working conditions and printed matter — See ADM. 113.07.
City Clerk to be Council Clerk — See ADM. 115.01.
[Ord. 2-1962 § 101, passed 1-12-1962]
The legislative power of the City shall be exercised by Council, except as may be otherwise provided by general law.
[Ord. 2-1962 § 102, passed 1-12-1962]
Council shall consist of seven members to be elected as provided by law.
[Ord. 2-1962 § 103, passed 1-12-1962]
On the first Monday in January next succeeding the regular Municipal election, at 10:00 a.m., the members of Council shall assemble in their place of meeting at Council chambers in the Municipal Building and organize and elect a President of Council from among the members, who shall preside at Council meetings and perform such other duties as Council may by its Rules of Procedure provide.
[Ord. 2-1962 § 104, passed 1-12-1962]
Council shall prepare and adopt its Rules of Procedure which may provide for the order of business to be transacted at its meetings, the time and place of its meetings, the preparation of an agenda for business to be conducted and such other matters as may be necessary and proper for the orderly conduct of its business.
[Ord. 14-1962 § 1, passed 5-2-1962]
Council by ordinance may create, change, alter and abolish all boards, commissions and advisory bodies in the City government, and may create commissions and other bodies with advisory powers. Except as otherwise provided by general law, Council shall by ordinance fix the number and terms of the members of such boards, commissions and other advisory bodies and appoint the members thereof.
[Ord. 1-2000, passed 1-26-2000]
The City Clerk shall inform City Council of the expiration of any term of an authority member within the jurisdiction of Council, no later than three weeks prior to the expiration of the term. The name of any candidate for appointment to a vacancy or re-appointment, in the case of an expired term, to an authority shall be placed on the City Council Agenda for approval by a majority of Council, prior to appointment or re-appointment.
[Ord. 97-1976 § 1, passed 12-15-1976; Ord. 84-1984 § 1, passed 12-26-1984]
The compensation of Council members is hereby fixed and established as follows; provided, however, that the increase in compensation shall not apply to the current terms of any Council member now in office or such member's replacement for the duration of a current term of office:
Commencing the First Monday
Annual Compensation
January, 1978
January, 1986
The Council President shall receive additional compensation as follows:
Commencing the First Monday
Additional Annual Compensation
January, 1978
January, 1986