City of Erie, PA
Erie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Power to regulate — See 3rd Class § 2403(15) (53 P. S. § 37403(15)).
Obedience to signal of approaching train — See 75 Pa.C.S.A. § 3341.
Vehicles required to stop — See 75 Pa.C.S.A. § 3342.
Moving heavy equipment — See 75 Pa.C.S.A. § 3343.
Vehicles obstructing crossings — See 75 Pa.C.S.A. § 3710.
Trains blocking crossings — See 75 Pa.C.S.A. § 3713.
[Ord. 26-1967 § 3, passed 6-21-1967]
As used in this article, means and includes an individual, firm, partnership, copartnership, association or corporation.
[Ord. 26-1967 § 2, passed 6-21-1967]
No person shall stop or switch any locomotive, railway car or train of cars on any grade crossing within the limits of the City for a period longer than five minutes at any one time, except in cases of accident or unavoidable detention.
[Ord. 26-1967 § 2, passed 6-21-1967]
When trains are opened at any grade crossing, they shall be opened the full width of the street.
[Ord. 19-1981 § 1, passed 3-11-1981; Ord. 38-1981 § 1, passed 5-29-1981]
Whenever any railroad is involved in a derailment or accident within the City which:
Involves personal injuries to persons other than railroad employees, or
Results in damage to property, other than property of the railroad or its customers, in excess of $3,700, or
Disrupts the flow of traffic within the City, or
Involves the release or immediate danger of release out of rail containers of dangerous or hazardous substances or chemicals:
It shall be the duty of such railroad, through its agent or employee to notify, by telephonic means or otherwise, the Police or Fire Bureaus of the City, the nature and circumstances of such derailment or accident including, but not limited to the following:
The name and title of the person reporting, and
The location and number of cars involved, and
If any rail car involved in the derailment or accident is carrying any dangerous or hazardous substance or chemical, the nature and amount of such substance or chemical, whether it has escaped from containment or whether a danger thereof exists, and
Whether any street is obstructed, and
The estimated time limit that it will take to have such derailment or accident secured and the area involved cleared, if the reporting agent or employee has such knowledge at the time of the report, and
Whenever there are any casualties, fatalities or injuries involved, and
The nature of any damage to real or personal property, other than the property of the railroad or its customers.
Nothing in this section shall relieve any railroad from the reporting of any accidents or collision involving a motor vehicle, as required by the statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
[Ord. 19-1981 § 1, passed 3-11-1981]
Whoever violates any of the provisions of this article, or aids in the violation of the same shall, upon conviction thereof, pay the cost of prosecution and be fined not more than $300 and in default of payment of such costs and fine, shall be imprisoned for not more than 90 days.