City of Erie, PA
Erie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Power to license — See 3rd Class § 2601 (53 P.S. § 37601).
Mechanical amusement devices — See BUS. REG. Art. 309.
Miniature billiard and bowling games and jukeboxes — See BUS. REG. Art. 311.
[Ord. 4-1965 § 1, passed 1-27-1965]
The following words, when used in this article, shall have the meaning ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning:
MECHANICAL AMUSEMENT DEVICE — Any mechanical device, machine or apparatus which, upon the insertion of a coin, token, slug or plate therein, or upon the payment of a fee, may be operated by the public generally for the playing of games and/or amusements, the object of which is to secure a special number, symbol, figure or groups thereof, arrangement, pattern or score by the exercise of skill in the operation or manipulation of such device.
MINIATURE BOWLING GAME — Any platform, stand, table or structure for the playing of miniature bowling games, which is operated after the insertion of a coin, token, slug or plate in the machine or, upon payment of a fee, may be operated by the public generally for the playing of the bowling game. The operation of the bowling game is so mechanically arranged that the player, by propelling a small disc, puck or ball, can knock over any of the 10 pins mechanically adjusted on the platform of the bowling game, and by a mechanical or electrically controlled device the score obtained by knocking over any of the pins is automatically registered after each operation by the player. The object of the game is to secure a score by the exercise of skill in the throwing of the disc, puck or ball at the 10 pins.
BILLIARD TABLE GAME — Any platform, table or structure for playing the game of billiards or pool, which is operated after the insertion of a coin, token, slug or plate therein or, upon the payment of a fee, may be operated by the public generally for the playing of the billiard game, the insertion of the coin or the payment of the fee being necessary to release the billiard balls so that the players can use the billiard balls on the table by contacting the balls with a cue stick, and propel the balls across the table into the several pockets which are arranged on a billiard table. The object of the game is to secure a score by the exercise of skill in striking the billiard ball so as to propel the balls into the respective billiard pockets.
JUKEBOX — Any device, machine or apparatus whatsoever for the playing or furnishing of music by means of records or tapes by the insertion of a coin or any other metal disc, slug or token whatsoever or, upon payment of a fee, may be operated by the public generally.
DISTRIBUTOR — Any person, firm, corporation or association which has on hand, or in its possession, whether actually or constructively, and whether as supplier, owner, manufacturer, jobber or wholesaler, mechanical amusement devices, miniature bowling games, billiard table games and jukeboxes, for the purpose of distribution, sale, lease, loan, franchise or use among and to any person, firm, corporation or association which, in turn, makes such device available to the public. The singular includes the plural.
[Ord. 4-1965 § 2, passed 1-27-1965]
No person shall engage in the business of distributor in the City without having first received a license in accordance with the terms and provisions of this article.
[Ord. 4-1965 § 3, passed 1-27-1965; Ord. 5-1979 § 1, passed 1-10-1979]
Persons desiring to engage in the business of distributor under the terms of this article shall apply for a license in writing under oath to the Bureau of Regulation, Inspection and Licensing, setting forth the following information: name, citizenship, residences and occupations for the past five years of the applicant and of all partners, if the applicant is a partnership, and of all officers and directors if the applicant is a corporation, and the same information for all persons having financial interest in such business as owner, lessor, secured creditor or otherwise.
Each such application shall be supported by the actual signatures of three subscribing witnesses, together with their addresses and occupations, who by so signing attest to the good moral character of each applicant or each partner of a partnership applicant, or each officer and director of a corporate applicant. No officer or employee of the City may act as subscribing witness.
Such application shall be accompanied with the annual license fee of $250 which shall be refunded if the license is not granted.
[Ord. 4-1965 § 4, passed 1-27-1965]
All applicants, including all partners of partnerships, must be over 21 years of age, citizens of the United States, residents of the City or County for five years immediately preceding the application, and of good moral character. Corporate applicants must be corporations created under the laws of Pennsylvania, and all stockholders, directors and officers thereof must meet the requirements of individual applicants.
[Ord. 4-1965 § 5, passed 1-27-1965]
Every license issued under this article is subject to the right of revocation, which is hereby expressly reserved, should the licensee directly or indirectly fail to maintain good moral character and comply with all requirements of Federal and State laws and City ordinances during the term of this license, and such license may be revoked after 10 days' written notice to the licensee, which notice shall specify the violation of the ordinance or law with which the licensee is charged.
Within such 10 days, opportunity for a hearing shall be given the licensee, if requested in writing, and the licensee may present and submit evidence and witnesses in his behalf, personally or by counsel.
[Ord. 4-1965 § 6, passed 1-27-1965]
No license shall be granted under the provisions of this article until a period of not less than 10 days shall have elapsed from the date of application, during which time there shall be an investigation of the applicant. No license shall be issued unless the applicant meets the requirements of this article and there is no reason to believe that the devices to be distributed will be used for any illegal purpose. Upon the approval of the application for license as provided in this article, a license shall be issued authorizing such licensee to be a distributor.
[Ord. 4-1965 § 7, passed 1-27-1965]
The license hereby authorized shall entitle the licensee to be a distributor for the current license year. The amount aforesaid, when paid, shall be a license fee until December 31 of each year, but the amount imposed hereby shall be due and payable on or before February 1 in the applicable year.
[Ord. 47-1966 § 1, passed 9-28-1966]
Any person violating any of the provisions of this article, upon conviction, shall be fined not more than $300 or imprisoned not more than 90 days, or both.