City of Erie, PA
Erie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Size, weight and load — See 75 Pa.C.S.A. Ch. 49.
Commercial vehicles — See TRAF. Art. 511.
Parking of truck trailers — See TRAF. 521.06.
[Ord. 31-1985 § 1, passed 6-26-1985]
Motor vehicle combinations consisting of a truck tractor and two trailers may be operated within the City only upon the streets indicated and in accordance with the provisions of this article.
[Ord. 31-1985 § 1, passed 6-26-1985; Ord. 47-1987 § 1, passed 7-22-1987]
Two trailers, operating in combination, each of which shall not exceed 28 feet in length and not exceeding 102 inches (8 1/2 feet) in width may be operated only upon those streets set forth herein, provided each person, firm, association, partnership, agency or corporation responsible for the operation of such trailer combination has secured a permit for such operation within the City as set forth hereinafter. All other trailer combinations are expressly prohibited from operation on the streets of the City.
The following routes are established for access to terminal in the City over which truck trailer combinations of two twenty-eight-foot trailers and combinations of 8 1/2 foot width may operate:
12th Street from Pittsburgh Avenue to Franklin Avenue
Cranberry Street from West 6th Street to West 4th Street
East 10th Street from Payne Avenue to Franklin Avenue
East 26th Street from State Street to Parade Street
East 33rd Street from McClelland Avenue to McCain Avenue
East 38th Street from Pine Avenue to McClelland Avenue
French Street from East 26th Street to East 27th Street
Glenwood Park Avenue from City limits to State Street
Greengarden Road from West 12th Street to West 8th Street
I-79 from City limits to West 12th Street
McCain Avenue from East 30th Street to East 33rd Street
McClelland Avenue to East 33rd Street
Old French Road
Parade Street from East 28th Street to East 26th Street
Payne Avenue from East 12th Street to East 10th Street
Pine Avenue from East Grandview Boulevard to Parade Street
Pittsburgh Avenue from West 12th Street to West 26th Street
Raspberry Street from West 12th to West 18th
Seminole Drive from West 8th Street to West 6th Street
State Street from Glenwood Park Avenue to 26th Street
West 18th from Raspberry to 1314 West 18th
West 21st Street from Pittsburgh Avenue to Haybarger Avenue
West 4th Street from Cranberry Street to Raspberry Street
West 6th Street from Seminole Drive to Cranberry Street
West 8th Street from Greengarden to Seminole Drive
[Ord. 31-1985 § 1, passed 6-26-1985]
Each person, firm, association, partnership, agency or corporation operating any two-trailer combination as permitted hereunder within the City shall first apply for and receive a permit from the Traffic Engineer of the City. The application shall be furnished by the Traffic Engineer, at no cost, and shall contain such requests for information as the Traffic Engineer and City Engineer shall deem appropriate.
[Ord. 31-1985 § 1, passed 6-26-1985]
Any person, firm, association, partnership, agency or corporation violating the provisions of this article shall be guilty of a summary offense and shall be subject to a fine of $50.