City of Erie, PA
Erie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Power to regulate — See 3rd Class § 2403(19) (53 P.S. § 37403(19)).
[Ord. 8133 § 1, passed 11-24-1942]
The buildings on the several streets in the City shall be numbered in plain and legible figures, beginning on Front Street on the north, and extending to the City limits on the south. The numbers shall be placed on each separate dwelling and business place, and shall begin at Front Street with number 101; all even numbers shall be placed on the west side, and all odd numbers on the east side of streets running north and south; each square on a street shall include 100 numbers, so that the first number on each square on a street shall be the beginning of 100 corresponding to the number of the street on the north side of the square or block. For the purpose of numbering, 20 feet and 7 1/2 inches shall be considered a lot on all the streets in the City, except as shown on the map attached hereto and declared to be a part of this article.
All the buildings on streets running east and west shall be numbered beginning at State Street and numbering east and west therefrom to the limits of the City. Even numbers shall be placed on the north side, and odd numbers on the south side of such street, and shall begin at State Street with number one; each square shall include 100 numbers, except as shown on the map.
The numbers, including centers of the principal entrances to dwellings or business places, shall be the numbers attaching to such premises. The numbers in all cases shall be placed on some conspicuous place over or near the front door entrance of each place numbered so as to be plainly visible from roadway or street. The cost of the numbering shall be paid by the owners of the premises.
[Ord. 8133 § 2, passed 11-24-1942]
The office of City Planning and Zoning, upon request of the owner or his agent, will furnish free of cost the correct number or numbers of any lot of parcel of land.
[Ord. 8133 § 3, passed 11-24-1942]
The map hereto attached and made a part of this article is declared to be the official house and lot number map of the City, and all owners shall correct and maintain such numbers in accordance with this map.
[Ord. 8133 § 1, passed 11-24-1942]
Whoever violates any provision of this article upon conviction shall be fined $5 for each offense.