City of Erie, PA
Erie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Power to regulate street obstructions — See 3rd Class § 2403(16) et seq. (53 P.S. § 37403(16) et seq.).
Rubbish hauling regulations — See BUS. REG. Art. 315.
Street openings — See S.U. & P.S. Art. 901.
Property owners to maintain sidewalks — See S.U. & P.S. 903.01.
[Ord. 3011 § 1, passed 10-14-1908; Ord. 5909 § 1, passed 10-22-1926]
All erections or obstructions whatsoever, unless authorized by special resolution of the Mayor and Council, upon any part of any street, public square or public wharf in the City, are declared to be common nuisances. All persons are prohibited from causing, placing, maintaining, allowing or keeping upon any part of any street, public square or public wharf, or any public appendage or construction connected therewith, any merchandise, vehicle, trees, posts, timber, firewood, brick, stone, straw, hay, shavings, manure or any other article, thing or obstruction whatsoever, unless authorized as aforesaid. This shall not repeal existing ordinances relating to space on sidewalks permitted to be occupied for areaways, and by merchants for the display of goods.
[Ord. 4965 § 1, 2, passed 10-29-1920]
No person shall transport earth over any paved street of the City without first making a cash deposit with the Bureau of Streets as hereinafter provided.
Before any person shall transport earth over any paved street of the City, he shall deposit with the Director of the Department of Public Works cash in an amount not exceeding $100, to be determined by the Director, as a guarantee that the person will at the end of each working day clean the street of earth which may fall from the wagons or trucks of such person. In case such person should fail to so clean such streets at the end of each working day, then the City will do so and deduct the cost of such work from the money so deposited as herein required, and return the balance remaining, if any, to the person making the deposit.
[Ord. 12-2-1879 § 2; Ord. 1890 § 1, passed 7-16-1901]
No person shall place or allow to be placed upon the sidewalks in front of his premises any bales, boxes, barrels, hogsheads, crates, lumber, coal, wood, ashes or any article or thing whatsoever that may obstruct such walk. However, bicycle racks may be placed and maintained in the outer edges of the sidewalks, provided such racks shall be not less than 28 nor more than 38 inches in height, and shall not exceed three feet in width, and no such racks shall contain any advertising matter other than the names of the owners.
No person shall drive upon or occupy any part of a sidewalk with any wagon, cart, dray, sleight, sled or other vehicle for the purpose of loading or unloading goods, wares, merchandise or for other purposes, or allow a horse or team to stand upon such walk. No person shall place or allow to be placed in or upon any public alley in the City any wagon, cart or obstruction of any kind that will prevent the free use of such alley.
[Ord. of 12-2-1879 § 2]
The reasonable use of sidewalks shall be permitted for the purpose of loading and unloading goods, wares and merchandise, etc., and in transferring the same to and from stores, houses, shops, etc., the prohibition aforesaid as to occupancy or obstruction of such walks with wagons, carts, teams, etc., being duly observed.
[Ord. 3223 § 6, passed 10-21-2010]
No person shall, in the construction of concrete sidewalks, block or fill up the street gutters with sidewalk material, dirt, cinders, lumber or other articles, but shall keep the same at all times clear and free from material or debris.
[Ord. of 7-12-1866 § 21]
No person shall allow any drainage or water from any sink, pump or well on his premises to flow upon any street, or the public square of the City. However, any citizen, on application to the Mayor and Council, may have leave to construct and keep, if deemed necessary, a well covered drain one or more feet beneath the surface of any such street or public square, to be constructed under the direction of the Mayor and Council, or some person by them appointed for that purpose.
[Ord. 8465 § 1, 2, passed 8-2-1949]
It shall be the duty of any person operating a vehicle in and upon the streets and alleys of the City, in the process of delivering commodities in glass containers or collecting empty glass containers, to immediately clean up and remove from the streets, alleys or sidewalks of the City any broken glass which may result from such delivering and collecting.
Every such vehicle while being so operated shall be equipped with adequate facilities for cleaning up and removing such broken glass, and any person owning or operating such vehicle shall be charged with the duty of providing and maintaining such facilities in or upon such vehicle at all times while it is being so operated.
[Ord. 48-1966 § 1, passed 9-28-1966]
Any person violating any of the provisions of this article, upon conviction, shall be fined not more than $300 or imprisoned not more than 90 days, or both.