City of Lebanon, PA
Lebanon County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 34-2002, 03 § 1, passed 12-16-2002]
Whenever any firm, corporation or individual desires to erect, move or replace any telegraph, telephone, electric light, power or other pole in or upon any of the streets of the City, such firm, corporation or individual erecting such pole shall submit to the Director of Public Works-City Engineer a written application specifying the size and number of poles intended to be erected, moved or replaced, and designating the places where the poles are to be installed.
If no objections are made thereto, the Director of Public Works-City Engineer shall issue a license to the applicant for the erection of the specified pole at the designated place. In case of objections being made to any part of such application, the Director of Public Works-City Engineer shall hear the same and grant the license, either in accordance with tine application or with such conditions and modifications as he may see fit to impose. No pole shall be newly erected without the license of the Director of Public Works-City Engineer being previously obtained therefore as provided in this section; for every license so granted there shall be paid to the City of Lebanon by the applicant the sum of $5 for each pole.
[Ord. 34-2002, 03 § 2, passed 12-16-2002; Ord. 31-1982, 83 § 1, passed 7-26-1982]
The Director of Streets and Public Improvements shall cause a thorough inspection to be made from time to time of all poles erected within the City, and if any pole shall be found defective from any cause he shall notify the person owning such pole of the defect.
Following receipt of such notice from the City, each owner shall review the poles enumerated therein and, within 30 days after receipt of such notice, each pole owner shall meet with the Director or his representative, in an effort to agree on corrective measures to be taken in regard to such defective poles. Thereafter, such owner shall promptly proceed as agreed. In the event the parties are unable to agree within such thirty-day period, or if the owner fails to perform such agreement, the City shall thereafter notify the owner in writing that it will have 10 days from the receipt of such notice to complete such work as was agreed upon, or, if no such agreement was reached, as is specified in such notice.
Any owner failing to comply within such 10 days shall be subject to a fine of $10 for each and every day thereafter during which such neglect or refusal shall continue to be collected as debts of like amount are now by law recoverable.
Editor's Note: Former Section 905.03 was repealed by Ord. 31-1982, 83, § 1, passed 7-26-1982.