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City of Lebanon, PA
Lebanon County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 27-1986, 87, passed 10-27-1986]
The Mayor and Council shall by resolution establish a schedule of fees, charges and expenses and a collection procedure for building permits, certificates of zoning compliance, appeals and other matters pertaining to this Zoning Code. The schedule of fees shall be posted in the office of the Zoning Officer and may be altered or amended only by the Mayor and Council.
Until all applicable fees, charges and expenses have been paid in full, no action shall be taken on any application or appeal.
[Ord. 8-1998, 99 § 3, passed 6-22-1998]
Public notice of amendments and notice requirements for public hearing shall be fulfilled pursuant to the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, Section 610(a), (b), and (c), "Publication, Advertisement and Availability of Ordinances," as amended; Section 107, "Definitions," as amended; and the Home Rule Charter of the City of Lebanon, Section 21, "Publication," of Article III, "The Legislative Branch - City Council."
[Ord. 41-2008, 09 § 1, passed 1-4-2010; Ord. 23-2012, 23 § 1, passed 12-16-2013]
Zoning Permit Fees
Improvement is under $2,000 in value
Improvement is between $2,001 to $5,000
Improvement is between $5,001 to $10,000
Improvement is between $10,001 to $50,000
Improvement is between $50,001 to $100,000
Improvement is between $100,001 to $500,000
Value of $500,000 and above
Additional Fees
Zoning appeal hearing application
Zoning ordinance book
Subdivision and land development ordinance book
Letter of zoning certification
Sign Permit Fees
Sign. Any writing, including letter, word, numeral, pictorial representation, including illustration or decoration; emblem, including device symbol, or trademark; flag, including banner or pennant; or any other device of similar character which; is a structure or any part thereof or is attached to, painted on or in any other manner represented on a building or structure is used to announce, direct attention to or advertise; and is visible from the outside of a building.
Billboard. Includes every bulletin board or other sign of a permanent or semipermanent kind used or intended to be used for the display thereon of advertising material pasted, glued, fastened or otherwise affixed thereto by means permitting its ready removal or replacement.
Fascia Sign. Every sign attached to or erected against a fence or wall, whether forming part of a building or not, which fronts on a street and has the exposed face thereof in a plane approximately parallel to the plane of such wall or fence and projects not more than 18 inches from the face of such a wall or fence.
Flashing or Moving Sign. Every artificially illuminated sign in which any part so illuminated is illuminated intermittently while the sign is in operation or in which a part so illuminated moves or is intended to move.
Free-Standing Sign. Every sign supported independently of a building or other structure and having its own supports, regardless of whether or not it is attached permanently to the ground.
Projecting Sign. Every sign projecting more than 18 inches from the building or structure to which it is attached or more than 18 inches beyond any boundary of the parcel of land on or from which such sign is displayed.
Roof Sign. Every sign erected upon or above the roof or parapet of a building.
Suspended Sign. Every sign suspended from a canopy, marquee or similar building projection.
Temporary Sign. Every sign displayed, or used or intended to be displayed or used for a period of time not longer than 60 days.
Wall Sign. Every sign painted, pasted, or otherwise affixed or inscribed directly to or upon any wall or other integral part of any building or to or upon any wall not being a part of a building or to upon any structure without, in each case, the use of independent supports or frames thereof.
There are two permits required for illuminated signs: a sign permit and an electrical permit.
Sign Zone - Comprising Areas of the City Zoned As:
Sign Type - Permitted Sign Zone
CN, CA, and sections of areas zoned M which conform to Article 1355, section 1355.06, "Industrial Subdivision"
Free Standing
Projecting, Wall
-C, D, E
Class A Billboard
Class B Billboard
Sign Type:
Two to 10
Eleven or more
Billboard, projecting, fascia, wall, roof, suspended, free standing with less than two square feet of surface area
Billboard, projecting, fascia, wall, roof, suspended, free standing with two square feet up to 100 square feet of surface
Billboard, projecting, fascia, wall, roof, suspended, free standing with 100 square feet of surface area or more
Work started (or signs installed) without a permit are subject to twice the regular permit fee.
Projects cancelled or permits not picked up within 30 days of issue date will be invoiced for 50% of City permit fee and third party plan review fees. Fees unpaid for 90 days may be subject to a 10% interest rate or maximum allowable by law. Unpaid fees after one year are subject to lien.
Owners of property with illegally installed signs or signs not removed within the appropriate time frame may be charged for removal/storage and/or disposal as follows:
First offense: $10 per sign
Second offense: $20 per sign
Additional offenses will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.