City of Lebanon, PA
Lebanon County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 5-2002, 03 § 4.01, passed 4-22-2002]
The Mayor and the appointed Director of Departments shall be responsible for the procurement of services, material, equipment and other essential items for the performance of their assigned duties in accordance with the charter, law, this article and the Council approved budget.
[Ord. 5-2002, 03 § 4.02, passed 4-22-2002; Ord. 33-2010, 11 § 1, passed 1-23-2012]
All purchases over $18,500, subject to annual adjustment based on the Consumer Price Index by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry shall be competitively bid, except:
Those for maintenance, repairs or replacements for water, electric, light or other public works of the City, provided they do not constitute new additions, extensions or enlargements of existing facilities and equipment, but a bond may be required by Council as in other cases of work done;
Those made for improvements, repairs and maintenance of any kind made or provided by any city through its own employees; provided, however, that this shall not apply to construction materials used in a street improvement;
Those where particular types, models or pieces of new equipment, articles, apparatus, appliances, vehicles, or parts thereof, are desired by Council, which are patented and manufactured or copyrighted products;
Those involving any policies of insurance or surety company bonds; those made for public utility service under tariffs on file with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission; those made with another political subdivision or a county, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the federal government, any agency of the Commonwealth or the federal government, or any municipal authority, including the sale, leasing or loan of any supplies or materials by the Commonwealth or the federal government, or their agencies, but the price thereof shall not be in excess of that fixed by the Commonwealth, the federal government, or their agencies; and
Those involving personal or professional services.
[Ord. 5-2002, 03 § 4.03, passed 4-22-2002; Ord. 33-2010, 11 § 2, passed 12-19-2011]
For all purchases or contracts in excess of $18,500, subject to annual adjustment based on the Consumer Price Index by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, requiring formal bidding, the following procedure shall be followed:
Prepare plans and specifications for each item in accordance with local, state and federal requirements;
Advertise at least 10 days prior to bid openings;
Publish advertisement in newspaper with general circulation, and, if desired, through an Internet provider;
Maintain a list of prospective bidders securing plans and specifications;
Receive all bids in office of City Clerk or through an Internet provider;
Bid opening to be conducted by designated Department official and City Clerk in City Council Chamber at the time designated in the advertisement;
Tabulation of all bids;
If any irregularities arise, an opinion of the City Solicitor will be required prior to the award of a contract;
Designation of lowest responsible bidder and award of contract provided said item does not exceed the amount in the approved appropriation for said item; and
Execution of contract by Mayor.
[Ord. 5-2002, 03 § 4.04, passed 4-22-2002]
The Council may, by resolution, at any time after the final adoption of the annual budget, upon the request of the Mayor, make supplemental appropriations for any lawful purpose from any funds on hand or estimated to be received within the fiscal year and not appropriated to any other purpose. Council may, by resolution, authorize the transfer of any unexpended balance of any appropriation item, or any portion thereof, but such action shall be taken only on the recommendation of the Mayor.
[Ord. 5-2002, 03 § 4.05, passed 4-22-2002]
In case of emergency, purchases of necessary supplies, material, services or equipment shall be permitted provided the Mayor determines said conditions are urgent and require immediate action. Within 24 hours the Mayor shall prepare a written statement as to the urgent conditions and the corrective action, and record said statement with the City Clerk.
[Ord. 5-2002, 03 § 4.06, passed 4-22-2002]
The Mayor shall prepare from time to time procedures for payment of City expenses.