City of Lebanon, PA
Lebanon County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 71-1984, 85 § 6.01, passed 6-24-1985]
It is the intent of Council and the City Planning Commission to provide for properly designed and maintained planned residential developments when they are provided for in local City regulations. This includes provisions for alternate design patterns which may include clustered lots of less than the required minimum size along with provisions for common open spaces and recreational areas.
The purpose of planned residential development is to provide for flexible subdivision design to take advantage of and to preserve unusual topographic or physical features which should be set aside for the mutual benefit of the residents of the development.
[Ord. 71-1984, 85 § 6.02, passed 6-24-1985]
Since planned residential standards are established and regulated by City zoning and development control ordinances those regulations will apply in all cases where a developer wishes to consider a planned residential development. However, the following standards will be used as guidelines in evaluating a planned residential development application:
Dwelling units permitted. The number of dwelling units permitted shall be determined by dividing the net development area by the minimum lot area per family required by the zoning district in which the area is located. New development area shall be determined by subtracting the area set aside for churches and school use from the gross development area and deducting 15% of the remainder for streets, regardless of the amount of land actually required for streets. The area of land set aside for common open space or recreational use shall be included in determining the number of dwelling units permitted. The City shall determine the appropriate percentage of multi-family dwellings and/or commercial uses permitted in the development depending upon the size of the development and the character of the area in which the development is located; provided, however, that in no case shall more than 50% of the net developable land area be developed into multiple dwellings and no more than 6% of the net developable land area shall be developed into commercial uses.
Lot area and frontage. The minimum lot area and minimum lot width of dwelling lots established within the development shall not be less than 1/2 of the normal minimum lot area or minimum lot width of the zoning district in which the lot is located. However, in no case shall a single family lot be created with an area of less than 5,000 square feet or a lot width of less than 50 feet.
Utilities. Public water and public sewer facilities shall be supplied to each dwelling unit.
Design. The City Planning Commission shall review the application for compliance with all pertinent City comprehensive plans. Additionally, the Planning Department shall insure that buildings and access streets are designed to avoid a repetitive, monotonous pattern on construction. Furthermore, when applicable to a particular site, additional standards shall be applied by the City to protect and preserve health, safety and general welfare of the community.
Common open space. The City may accept dedication of open space land for public use and maintenance. Areas not dedicated to the general public shall be held in corporate ownership by private owners of the lots or parcels of land in the planned residential development. In such case, the developer shall incorporate into the deeds of the owners an interest in such common open space, indicating the use to be made of such common open space and providing a means of permanent maintenance of this common space. All common open space areas which, in the opinion of the City, are necessary to the development of the planned residential development or section thereof shall be improved by the developer and accepted by the City prior to final plan approval of the planned residential development or section thereof.