City of Lebanon, PA
Lebanon County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Part 1: Administrative Code
Title One - General Provisions

Article 101 Codified Ordinances

Article 103 Official Standards

Article 105 Registration of Real Estate

Article 107 Council

Article 109 Definitions

Article 110 Short Title and Definitions

Article 111 General Provisions

Title Three - Administrative Offices and Departments

Article 121 Elective and Appointive Officials

Article 123 Departmental Organization

Article 125 Procurement, Purchasing, and Contraction

Article 127 City Engineer

Article 129 City Clerk

Title Five - Bureaus, Boards, Commissions, Authorities and Other City Agencies

Article 151 General Provisions

Article 153 Bureau of Fire: Career and Volunteer Divisions

Article 155 Bureau of Water

Article 156 Planning Commission

Article 159 Shade Tree Commission

Article 161 Lebanon Authority

Article 163 Lebanon Parking Authority

Article 164 Central Business District Authority

Article 167 Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority

Article 169 Vacant Property Review Committee

Article 170 Crime Commission

Title Seven - Employment Provisions; Pensions and Benefits

Article 171 Personnel System

Article 173 Municipal Employees' Retirement System

Article 175 Police Pension Fund

Article 177 Paid Firemen's Pension Fund

Article 179 Social Security

Article 181 (Reserved)

Part 3: Business Regulation and Taxation Code
Title One - Business licensing

Article 301 Amusements

Article 303 Coal and Coke

Article 305 Coin-Operated Dry Cleaning Machines

Article 307 Moving Household Goods

Article 309 Peddlers

Article 311 Taxis and Buses

Article 313 Transient Retail Businesses

Article 315 Pawn Shops and Second-Hand Shops

Title Three - Taxation

Article 331 Property Tax and Residence Tax

Article 333 Mechanical Amusement Devices Tax

Article 335 Earned Income and Net Profits Tax

Article 337 Local Services Tax

Article 339 (Reserved)

Article 341 Lerta

Article 343 (Reserved)

Article 345 Realty Transfer Tax

Article 347 Taxpayers' Bill of Rights

Part 5: Traffic Code
Title One - Traffic Regulations

Article 501 Administration, Enforcement and Penalty

Article 503 Operation of Motor Vehicles

Article 505 Abandonment of Motor Vehicles

Article 507 Mall Streets

Article 509 Cruising

Title Three - Parking

Article 511 Parking Generally

Article 513 Parking Meters

Article 515 Municipal Parking Lots

Article 516 Reservation of Meter Space

Article 519 Emergency Tow-Away Zones

Title Five - Pedestrians and Bicycles

Article 521 Pedestrians

Article 523 Pedalcycles (Bicycles) and Pedalcycle (Bicycle) Licensing

Article 525 Skateboards

Part 7: General Offenses Code

Article 701 Dogs

Article 705 Disturbing the Peace

Article 709 Health, Safety and Sanitation

Article 711 Adult Bookstores

Article 713 Indecency and Immorality

Article 717 Minors

Article 721 Offenses Against Property

Article 725 Railroads

Article 729 Streets and Sidewalks

Article 733 Weapons

Article 737 Abandoned Refrigerators

Article 741 Alcoholic Beverages

Article 745 Controlled Substance Paraphernalia

Article 751 Police or Burglar Alarms

Article 755 Housing Discrimination

Article 759 Loitering to Violate Drug Laws

Article 761 Public Indecency

Part 9: Streets, Utilities and Public Services Code
Title One - Street and Sidewalk Areas

Article 901 Excavations

Article 903 Sidewalks, Curbs and Driveways

Article 905 Utility Poles

Article 907 Building Numbers

Article 909 Removal of Wires

Article 911 Dumpsters in a Public Right-Of-Way

Title Three - Utilities

Article 920 Wells

Article 921 (Reserved)

Article 922 (Reserved)

Article 923 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment

Article 924 Sewage Enforcement

Article 925 Sanitary Sewers

Article 926 Sewer District No. SS-1-70

Article 927 Sewer Rentals

Article 928 Sewage Holding Tanks

Article 929 Garbage and Refuse

Article 930 Recycling

Article 931 Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Title Five - Other Public Services

Article 941 Playgrounds; Municipal Pool

Article 943 Parks

Title Seven - Stormwater System Discharges

Article 951 Stormwater System Discharges

Part 11: Public Health Code

Article 1101 Board of Health

Article 1103 Food Code

Article 1105 (Reserved)

Article 1107 Smoking Policy

Part 13: Zoning Code
Title One - Zoning Ordinance

Article 1301 Purpose and Interpretation

Article 1303 Definitions

Article 1305 Administration, Permits, Violations and Penalty

Article 1307 Zoning Hearing Board; Appeals

Article 1309 Fees and Amendments

Article 1321 District Requirements and Uses; Schedule and Zoning Map

Article 1323 General Regulations for Districts

Appendix APPa Schedule Governing the Lot, Area and Bulk Requirements of Permitted Uses

Appendix APPb Zoning Map

Title Three - Subdivision and Land Development Regulations

Article 1371 Purpose and Objectives

Article 1373 Definitions

Article 1375 Procedures

Article 1377 Plans and Plats

Article 1379 Required Improvements and Design Standards

Article 1381 Planned Unit Residential Developments

Article 1382 Stormwater Management

Article 1383 Floodplain Management

Article 1385 Modifications, Appeals and Penalty

Article 1387 Tree Preservation Regulations for Land Developments

Appendix APPc Appendix

Part 15: Fire Prevention Code
Title One - Standards Adopted

Article 1501 International Fire Code

Article 1503 Procedures for Recovering Expenses

Title Three - Other Fire Regulations

Article 1511 Smoking in Stores and Buses

Article 1513 (Reserved)

Article 1514 (Reserved)

Article 1515 Establishing Escrow Procedures for Payment of Fire Insurance Proceeds

Article 1517 Control of Fire Insurance Proceeds

Article 1519 Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Part 17: Building Code
Title One - Standards Adopted

Article 1701 Pennsylvania Construction Code

Article 1702 International Building Code

Article 1703 International Residential Code

Article 1704 International Existing Building Code

Article 1705 International Mechanical Code

Article 1706 International Plumbing Code

Article 1707 International Fuel Gas Code

Article 1708 International Energy Conservation Code

Article 1709 International Electrical Code

Title Three - Other Regulations

Article 1711 Air Pollution

Article 1713 Commercial Structure Code

Article 1715 (Reserved)

Article 1717 Buyer Notification

Part 19: Housing Code

Article 1901 International Property Maintenance Code

Article 1903 Rooming Houses

Article 1905 Rooming Houses and Boarding Houses

Article 1907 Residential Rental Licensing and Inspection

Article 1916 (Reserved)

Comparative Section Table

Chapter CST Comparative Section Table

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List